Kristoni Pilot





16 || Force Sensitive || In need of a Teacher || Orphan || Scavenger


Single || Heterosexual || Best friends with an Astromech Droid named KY-66




Kristoni is a sixteen-year-old female who was born on Tattooine and lost her parents at a young age. Having nothing to really do on a planet like this, she made a living scavenging for parts. Her best friend, an astromech droid named KY-66 is a droid that she found in a junkyard and fixed up. When she got tired of living this way, Kristoni built herself a small ship that gave her just enough mileage to get to a planet called Hellifyno. There, she met a young man by the name of Orion Valentine. Who has taken her in and is helping her hone her abilities.


Mad City Thief GIF by Gotham





My Appearance

Portrayed by Camren Bicondova


Khyber Crystal around her neck

Goggles on her head

Small repair kit for KY-66

A saber hilt she found while scavenging