Krystal Nagihira X Xavier

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•Krystal’s Family•

Father:Kibatsu Nagihira
Father Of Krystal

Grandma:? Nagihira

Mother:Kaylee Nagihira
Mother of Krystal

Grandma:Keitorin Amekuseniro [Deceased]

Grandpa:Guregori Amekuseniro

Great Aunt:Kione

Once-Removed Aunt:Kiera Hakisuru

Uncle:Koji Hakisuru [Unknown]

Spouse:Xavier Nagihira

Xavier’s Family•

Mother:Mikayla Skymoon
Xavier's Mum

Grandma:Amelia Skymoon

Step-Grandpa:Lucien Dragonfang

Half-Sister: Charlotte Shot

Father:Silver Hrro

Adopted Sister:Aila Motozi

Adopted Sister:Ally Skymoon

Adopted Sister:Lin O’Romeo

Niece:Cassia O’Romeo

Elder Sister:Alyssa Hageshi

Niece:Justice Hageshi

Niece:Yeliana Hageshi

Nephew:Strider Hageshi

Sister:Sierra Hakisuru

Niece:Danielle Hakisuru

Nephew:Levin Hakisuru

Twin Brother:Myles Chirstina

Spouse:Krystal Nagihira

•Shared Family•

Daughter:Kelsey Nagihira

Son:Kyle Nagihira


Who Am I...

Patriarch & Shogun Of Kaylee Shores

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Eachother

My Story Is...

[Krystal’s Story]

A Another Master

I was Born into The Nagihira Clan and gifted the name of Krystal “Miri” Nagihira,


Destcantant Of The First Master Of Forms which means I can be considered a Goddess or a Demi-God

1st apprentice

My Mother was the first spot my Blessing of a Relic of a Power I was 4 ,My Father soon got told and now I’m which my parents enrolled me into Samurai Training that both of how my father’s mom was and trained and how my mother was

Discovery Of Le Curse

I would later discovered my abilities to alter anyone’s form and gift hybrid features as well as many other things my Grandma Katelyn taught me before giving up her life to protect us from the nightmares

Losses Shape Us

But the Tragedy Struck and Took away my parents,So My Great Aunt and Uncle soon became my guardians and I Changed the Clan’s Guard to The Marie Pack and Moved it’s location to Adrina Eryn

The Searching Beast

Although My Father has returned and is helping me retrieve the stuff of those I have losted vand what my Mother was hiding from me.

Karma with the next

[Xavier’s Story]


I was born the son of Silver Hrro and Mikayla Skymoon, I took on one of my mother’s former surnames however I wish to myself as the aura of the graveyards has shown me the trouble

Calm and Collective

As I grew up, my mom kept bringing me to this girl called Krystal and we would have our fun together however when both of our parents died. We ran away with eachother unknownly falling for one another many years after.


When we finally got to together, my mom and her parents came back while we faced our toughest challenge yet.

Patragoldble Ashes..

The 2nd Known Void Crisis of Hellifyno, we fled the planet with everything she had and we started something knew.


My Appearance

•Krystal’s Information•

Given Name:Krystal

Middle Name:Miri



Birth Certificate Date:6/18/XX


Race:Werewolf, Human Hybrid


Abilities:Master Of Forms

•Krystal’s Looks•


Eyes:Sunset Magenta



Hair Sizes:Long/Medium/Long

Nose Type:Upper Cut

Mouth Lipshade:Light Pink

•Causal Outfits•

Father’s Japanese Robes

Mother’s Dress

Dark Blue Jeans

Her Mother’s Wedding Rings

Winter Boots

•Clan Outfit•

Grandma’s Japanese Robes

Black Tank Top

White Jeans


•Xavier’s Information•

Given Name:Xavier

Middle Name:Lucifer


Former Name:Hrro


Birth Certificate Date:6/10/XX


Race:Demon, Werewolf Human Hybrid


Abilities:Reanimation & Possession

•Xavier’s Looks•


Eyes:Dark Red


Hair/Eyebrows/Eyelashes:Dark Brown


Nose Shape:Forbidden Demon

Mouth Lipshade:Sky Pink

•Causal Outfit•

Red Robe Sides

White T-Shirt

Black Short

Brown Sandal

•Clan Clothes•

Black Red Vest

Red T-Shirt

Black Pants


•Krystal’s Inventory•

The Vengeance Wormhole [Her Katana]

The Blade Of The Past Leaders

Kaylee Shores Weaponry Gem Commucations

•Xavier’s Inventory•

The Burial Shovel [His Katana]

Kaylee Shores Weaponry Gem Commucations


My Secrets Are...

Join My Settlement and Gain my trust, you’ll only learn them then

I Believe...

I can hold my sercets close