Krystal Nagihira X Xavier

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Genetics Of Characters

•Krystal Nagihira•




Blood Type:B-

Race:Werewolf Human Hybrid

Abitlies:The Master Of Forms

Battle Equipment:Blade Of Fallen Clans & Kaylee’s Armor

Crush:Xavier Marie

•Xavier Marie•




Blood Type:AB-

Race:Neko,Demon Human Hybrid

Abitlies: Reanimation & Possession

Battle Equipments:Longbladed Katana & Emily’s Armor

Crush:Krystal Nagihira


Who Am I...

Alphas Of The Marie Pack

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

With Eachother

My Story Is...

°Krystal’s Backstory°

I was Born into The Nagihira Clan and gifted the name of Krystal “Miri” Nagihira,Descendant Of The First Master Of Forms which means I can be considered a Goddess or a Demi-God

My Mother was the first spot my Blessing of a Relic of a Power I was 4 ,My Father soon got told and now I’m which my parents enrolled me into Samurai Training that both of how my father’s mom was and trained and how my mother was

I would later discovered my abilities to alter anyone’s form and gift hybrid features as well as many other things my Grandma Katelyn taught me before giving up her life to protect us from the nightmares

But the Tragedy Struck and Took away my parents,So My Great Aunt and Uncle soon became my guardians and I Changed the Clan to The Marie Pack and Moved it’s location to Dayna Shores.

Although My Father has returned and is helping me retrieve the stuff of those I have losted vand what my Mother was hiding from me

°Xavier’s Backstory°

Born Orginally as Myles Leontine’s Twin,In my younger years was drawn to the aura of graveyards and to relive the dead and make them undead

But now adays,He grew up coping Hybroxia & A Ctundere Sister before meeting with Cassie Marie who was his sister’s God-Mom.

While Dante Regraves Served as his God-Father,but overtime as both Cassie,Dante & Charlotte joined his life..Xavier Took The Title of Male Alpha of The Marie Pack but it was formly known as the all powerful Nagihira Clan which meant the Female Alpha was the ruler.

Upon hitting Puberty,Xavier like his Slibbings he developed a Demonic Birthmark said to trigger his Demon side,the birthmark is known as the Downwards Eye Crack.

My Appearance

Krystal ‘s Appearance

Hair Color:Brown

Hair Length:Long

Ear Type:Werewolf

Ear Fur:Brown & White

Eye Color:Sunset Green


-Causal Clothes

Brown Fhannel

Blue Jeans

White Knee High Socks

Her Mother’s Wedding Rings

Winter Boots

-Pack Clothes

Japanese Robe

Black Tank Top

Half Knee Down Skirt



Xavier’s Appearance

Hair Color:Dark Brown

Hair Length:Medium

Ear Type:Forbidden Demon

Eye:Dark Red


-Causal Clothes

Red Hoodie

Black Jeans

Black Socks

Brown Shoes

-Form Clothes

Black Vest

Red Button-Up Shirt

Black Pants


Krystal’s Weapons:

Her Mother’s Katana

Her Own Katana

Krystal’s Purse

Marie Pack Weaponry Commucations Device

Her ID


My Secrets Are...

Join My Pack and Gain my trust, you’ll only learn then then

I Believe...

I can hold my sercets close