I wear a hooded cloak over a jacket, and blue jeans, foot wear optional. Left eye is red, right eye is yellow (right eye is blue when I am Koda)

Who Am I...

Kyodey the a humacoy, with a angel and a demon soul inside me

Relationship Status

Married to Ashlyn WildFlame

My Story Is...
  • After the rapture and the end times,finally settled i was one of few survivors scouring the earth.I lived like a walking corpse until an angel appeared and had seen a peace had awakened within me and i was granted into heavens gates at that moment the angel who saved me was damned to hell for helping me. I escaped heaven not knowing i was granted angelic powers.When finding the gates to hell i gain demonic powers after passing through the gates of hell and i rescued the angel who saved my life.
My Appearance
  • I am 5.8 feet tall, Folded angel and demon wings(often change from one to the other),wearing worn out clothes and has coyote ears sick out of the hood on my head.

An arsenal of weapons, a blood bag with Satan’s blood

My Secrets Are...
  • All of my abilities.
I Believe...

i can trust only myself in any situation.