[DM] Kyra Adrilea [DM]

Intro Video



<First name>


>>Name here: Kyra


>>Pronunciation: Keer-ah


<Last name>


>>Name here: Adrilea


>>Pronunciation: Ad-ree-lay


>>Age: 25


>>Date and place of birth: May 12, Consequence


>>Zodiac sign: Taurus


>>Sexuality: Straight


>>Gender: Female


>>Relationship status: Single





>>Color: Dark brown, almost black


>>Length: Waist length


>>Style: Generally straight, left down. Occasionally she’ll pull it into a ponytail or bun


>>Texture: is it soft, or silky? Soft and shiny


>>Eye color: Brown


>>Everyday outfit: [image below]







>>Shape-change: She has the ability to change between human and Siren form at will


>>In mermaid form, she has a line of spines along her back and tail. These spines are highly venomous, and she can also shoot them like a porcupine would its quills.


>>Camouflage: In certain situations, she can change the color of her scales to match her environment


>>Venomous spines: In human form, the spines of a lionfish can be grown from her elbows, knees, and wrists as a defense mechanism.



>>She has to be near a body of water at least once per month.


>>Her eyesight on land is poor, though she often wears contacts to make up for this


>>Every change she makes on land takes a bit of her energy that she can’t recover until the next full moon




>>She is an exceptional singer, though she doesn’t use her voice to lure men to their deaths these days


>>She can play four different instruments: Lute, guitar, violin, and cello


<Magic or magical items>

>>Water manipulation: The power to manipulate water. Variation of Elemental Manipulation and Liquid Manipulation.


Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

There's a demon who has my heart. And, apparently, my soul as well.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...


Kyra wasn’t actually born, like most people. Instead, she came from a clutch of eggs her mother had laid. Her father was one of the merfolk, a lionfish just like she is. There weren’t many of her siblings that lived, and she was only one of eight of them. Just like her sisters, she was accepted into the small pod of Sirens that kept to the waters outside of Consequence.



But when she came into womanhood, she was tasked with luring a man to his death. Just as all Sirens are when they grow to adulthood. She couldn’t do it, preferring to push the man away from herself and set him on a safer course. This led to the other Sirens casting her out and forcing her to find a home elsewhere. She found a small cove on the very edge of the ocean that the Sirens had. Of course, she kept herself moving for most of her life to avoid them. 


But, well, now she’s on land and finding that people are still just as terrifying as being alone is. She’s an awkward little bean, petite and shy around most people.