Labyrinth Messeli


Let me tell you a story. A story full of twists, turns, happy moments, sad moments. Full of gore, and rainbows, death, and peace. Let me tell you a story. About my life. ~Labyrinth Narah Messeli


A long time ago, back before Greeks walked the Earth, and Gods fought for Pride and worship. Long before The Ice Age, before the first Apes, back before Earth was considered a heap of molten space rock. There was a house. This house has been transported to different planets over time, different universes all together. Where one family would live in, until they all passed on. And then the house will move and house the next chosen family. And the cycle would repeat. What did the house take in? One specific race. Beings of purity, grace, innocence. A race that held no known name such as ‘Werewolf’, or ‘Human’, ‘God’, ‘Wraith’. They called themselves The Light. Now what made them so different from the rest? Their core. How they came to be is long unknown, passed down from one Light to the other. Sadly, the story stopped in this particular tale. But legend has it, that every child produced between a Light and most any other thing that isn’t considered a Darkness, will grow to evolve past their parent. And then that child’s child will evolve past their parent and so fourth. A never ended line of odd peaceful power.
Now remember that house? 3.8 billion years into Earth’s past was apparently the first alleged sign of life. They weren’t wrong. Around that time, the odd House phased into existence with a loud thud and an open door. Along with a couple. Their names? Do not matter. So we will call them Bonnie and Clyde. Hah. Bonnie and Clyde were the typical romance. They met somewhere in a different universe. Dated, got married. Found the house after its old residents died, and it teleported. Weird, right? Well that is how this race works. Live, Love, Die.
Now, not everything was as lovely as the family with a white picket fence, with book clubs and fancy toast. No. Bonnie cheated on poor oblivious Clyde. With whom? No one knows. But lets rephrase that. With what? A Seraphim. This rouge male was able to woo the bright little Light and bedded her. Of course, Clyde thought it was something of his own achievement. And well, he wasn’t exactly wrong. Usually, Lights are extremely fertile, and one little over calculation could lead to twins.
To be more specific. Lights have the ability to deny their bodies reproductive organs to activate if they do not wish for a child. But once the permission is granted, it usually only takes a one time deal to gain success, and that is exactly what the Seraphim did. He landed success. Days later, Clyde bedded his presumingly loyal wife. And they too, agreed on a child. Now of course, Lights can only give birth to females, unless twins come into the picture. Then and only then would it be one male. And one female. Why was all this needed to be explained? Easy. Bonnie’s child didn’t get a twin, Bonnie’s child was her own twin. Two minds fused into one.
Wasn’t before long until their little baby girl took her firsts breaths. Though due to the fact that the creation of such a child went…wrong. She came out human, just like her father. Platinum blonde hair, beautiful porcelain skin, and bright, wide, baby blue eyes. She was the best innocent yet radiant child the stars could ever grant them.  Her name? Labyrinth Narah Messeli. Of course, they didn’t actually name their child after a death filled maze. But her true identity stays a secret to most.
Bonnie and Clyde would continue to live there, adapting with the generations, and avoiding suspicions. As for little baby Labyrinth? Due to the mixed blood, she aged slowly for a human child. And by human, it’s the fact that kid simply had no powers. She could be hurt, she could bleed. She had nothing special about her except for her blood. Though that would all change.
The house was settled right where Italy would be established. They founded Oil, and they established trade. Riches poured in by the millions, fueling Bonnie’s greed and Clyde’s gluttonous habits. As for Labyrinth, she grew up knowing a maid as her mother, her biological one too caught up with her life to even remember the child she was so devoted on messing up. the small child grew up walking empty halls, roaming large rooms, and breaking expensive things. She had no respect, she had no discipline.
Their solution to that? Private schooling where the teachers will discipline her for them. Sit up straight, raise your hand, be yourself but not like that. She complained and refused, most kinda avoiding her due to all the trouble she caused. Did she care? No. She just wanted to leave, to actually be herself. To roll down hills and make weird pictures in the mud. To lay off the side of her bed and to feel the blood rush up to her head. She didn’t like the prim and proper ways of her parents, she didn’t like being told what to do. She was a free spirit trapped in a hellish house with her hellish non-existent parents.
Growing up wasn’t all that bad though. She met friends along the way, like Spice. An oddball little girl with fire red hair and black pitless eyes. She would sometimes show up at school with tar lathered in her hair and arms, skipping black footprints all down the expensive hallways, forcing people to catch her and to clean up her mess. This weird girl was Labyrinth’s first friend. They would get into trouble together, and if one was caught, they wouldn’t sell out their counterpart. It was like a huge game of reckless chess to them. They were inseparable, and more or less lived at each others houses.
Then there was the little horned lad named Denvy. Bonnie picked him up from the streets and dropped him at home where he went under the care of Labyrinth. He was a soft spoken child who had an issue with eye contact. He was cute, a little bashful, but he knew how to have his own fun, and they too became great friends. He would never admit it, always saying she was nothing more than a caretaker. But she knew he cared for her just as much as she cared for him.
Though there was one friend who was both a blessing and a curse. But for now, he was more of a blessing. He called himself Eugene. He and Spice never got along because she kept saying that ‘He smelt bad.’ But of course he took showers, and little Labyrinth didn’t realize it was a foreshadowing comment more than an opinion on his body odor. He was nice, fooled Labyrinth enough to where she ended up slowly growing feelings for the little blonde boy with a sneaky smile. They always talked, sat together, ate together. Two peas in a pod, almost as much as Spice and the young idiotic Light.
Both of her friends and herself dropped out of School at the age of fifteen, finding it a waste of time. That they could do better things while kids sit in a single spot and listened to lectures all day. Spice found a talent for science and…voodoo. A mix of real and magic, and her projects were always a private ordeal, neither Eugene or Labyrinth were able to know. Until later. Eugene went into medicine like fascinations, his nose always in a book about doctors, or anything close to that nerdy type of stuff. As of Labyrinth? She found her muse with arts such as music, dancing, singing, and well. Drawing. As they grew, so did their passions. Labyrinth ended up creating a tattoo parlor, that was big enough for her to dance and sing her heart away as she worked on others and herself. Spice went into the basement of her abandoned home to create whatever monstrosities she pleased. And for Eugene? He did become a doctor, a great one at that. However, work and money wasn’t the only thing that was on her mind. By this time, Eug and Labby were seeing one another, staying a solid relationship for a good five years. They lived together, shared their savings, had a car, a pet dog named Yarris. It was nice, too nice. Perfect in fact.
Not for long. When someone holds a dark secret, they are usually good at keeping it, until caught entirely off guard. And that was exactly what happened. Little Lady Lab came home early, to ask Eugene a special little question that would change her life. She wanted to be wed with him, to share her life and love for the rest of her human days. But what she got wasn’t a yes. Or a no. But either way, her life flipped itself inside out.
He was a cannibal. A closet cannibal, and when she got home, he was in the middle of eating some woman in their room. But no, he was more than a cannibal. He was a creature, some sharp toothed, long nailed, scrawny creature that attacked the woman he lived with as soon as she made herself known. It was a fight, a gruesome fight that ended with her stabbing Eugene to death, nothing but blood and tears in her eyes. But she was also hurt, hurt beyond human repair. And that is when the little Light soon found her calling card.
It started off slow, just a small tint at the roots of her hair. Slight iris color changes. Her mood was fluctuating, her body changing, morphing, blossoming into the creature she was destined to be. She hid the murder of her boyfriend quite well, calling him in sick. Not letting anyone over. She cleaned every drop of blood as she did nothing but sob. But with such changes, she didn’t even realize that the hole in her side healed up. That the claw marks in her back covered up to leave pretty scars, forever letting her know of the horrid moments in the house. Guilt and sleeplessness lead her to stumble to her parents.
The look of the house was beautiful. It brought relief upon her where she thought nothing could. She slapped at the front door, leaning on the frame. She just wanted a hug, someone to forgive her. To know. To realize that she wasn’t a murderer. No…no she killed for defense, it wasn’t her fault. Life would only get worse.
Bonnie opened the door, for a split second forcing that usual mother-like smile onto her face. That is, until she saw the blood and the grin on Labyrinth’s face. Her mother cried out as Labyrinth stepped forward, closing the door behind her. In Labyrinth’s mind, she was begging for things to stop, that this isn’t what she wanted to do, she shouldn’t be smiling. The screams of protest in her mind as her body took another step. The only thing that was said came from Labyrinth, her voice dark and edged. Dangerous.
“I’ve been missing for days and neither of you have looked for me.”
It seemed that whatever was going on inside her mind, deep deep down, where her true thoughts were. They were winning. Her parents never came, never called the cops, never stepped foot outside this stupid house. And it angered the little woman down to the core. But for her mother, is scared her. She started sputtering out excuse after excuse, saying she was sorry, that they were worried. Bother her mother and father saw the look that Labby had in her eyes. A look they knew all to well. The look of a killer.
She lashed out, hands moving to her Mother’s throat as she frowned. She could feel the power surge from the woman in her grasp, she could feel the struggle as Bonnie tried to get her child off of her. But every surge was absorbed, pulling more and more of her Mother’s power into her own being, filling that empty second slot up with Bonnie’s life force.
Labyrinth pressed down, forcing her mother down to her knees as she shifted, swinging her leg up to have her knee smash into her mothers face before she dropped the unconscious woman and made for the stairs. Her aura was rippling with every step, a twitch and a grin spasming from  time to time as she rounded the corner and smacked right into Clyde. Labyrinth slowly looked up. He could tell something was wrong with his little girl. It wasn’t because of the blood, or the faint lump of a body down in the main hall. It was her eyes, his baby girls once bright eyes were dim and dead. Like the body he was looking at was just a husk of her former self.
See, when she was in the womb, Labyrinth absorbed her twin before it could develop its own source of Light. So she had two slots. Think of a ven diagram, but instead of the oval in the middle, it was just a line down the center. One was full of life, bright and warm, floating with purpose. While the other was empty, growing cobwebs and it had a small little crack in it. Nothing serious, but a crack none the less. That empty slot is what kept her human, it was more dominant than that of the Light she already had in her. But now both were filled, having sapped every little droplet of divine power from her mother, rending the woman human as Labyrinth now pulsed, and overpowered most.
Clyde knew this, saw this, felt this. And as her shoulder twitched and she grinned, Clyde just sighed and slowly bent down to his knees, closing his eyes and he nodded.
“Do what you must.”
For a moment, that action could have saved his life. It stunned her, making her suddenly think for a moment. Her lips parted before a sharp crisp laugh flooded from her. She kicked out, her foot slamming into his chest, hearing a few distinct snaps before she walked over, pressing her foot onto his head. She sighed, looking up as she suddenly kicked down, pausing, before doing it again, and again, and again, blood paining the walls, and her leg.

It wasn’t long till his head was mush. Turning, she went back down stairs, opening the door before turning, looking around the place. She sighed out once more and flicked her hand, the couch catching fire as she slowly closed the door and simply fled.
She lived a life of gore and terror since then, selling herself for drugs and a brief moment of release. Well, that being when she kills the customer afterwards. It was a game to her, a game that soon lead her to making a name for herself. However, despite her being in the industry, it seemed that she was doing more good that intended. Less men were willing to pick up those women off the side of the street, in fear they would pick her up.
So when that died down, she fled once more. Where to? A whole different Planet called Hellifyno.

Now there isn’t much to this story. Mainly because…well. She can’t remember most of it. She remembered some old friends, and sobering up. She remembers the many times she has died and walked back in through familiar doors. She remembers her lovers, and her beautiful son who sadly isn’t walking with her anymore. She remembers the endless feuds and issues, the war, and the Fae.
She remembers creating Realms for her thousands and thousands of creatures that she has provided a Haven for. She remembers her brother, when she finally made them related. But what she remembers most was her reconstruction. A horrible thing that brought her to her knees faster than anything before in her life. She can still remember her skin being peeled, eyes removed, head scalped, nails pulled. Like ever nerve in her body was pressed to the hot surface of a branding iron. It was non stop pain for a whole whopping year.
But it is also what lead her to her memory loss. A loss that would slowly come back, but even to this day she doesn’t remember things well. Like if she met certain people, knew certain things. Sometimes she doesn’t even remember the power she possesses, or what she is.
But now…Now she’s back. Rekindled old friendships, making new memories. She’s a soon to be mother and a wife to a wonderful man. She has another son who’s as poetic as can be. And friends that cover all spectrums of the personality grid. She’s happy…Her life an past finally at peace.
Her lover, her friend, her husband. She loves him to the end of time, and even past that. He’s quiet, and maybe too quiet, always leaving her on the edge of her seat in worry, but she knows he means well. They are inseparable, overly undeniable, devotedly, cut throat in love with each other. And it forever shows. He’s tall, bright, covered in white. His eyes dark and starry like the midnight sky, and his voice but a whisper in the screaming fields of her mind. But he’s her knight, with all his imperfect wonder. With a baby on the way too.
The prince of Dream and of Denmark, this poetic young man wrote himself easily into the heart of Labyrinth. They bickered, they fought. In fact at times he probably didn’t like her at all. But with is adoptive father being the man she loved, there was no way to get these two apart. Finally after Labyrinth sucked it up and chose to act her age, she listened to the boy, and the two soon became good friends. And good friends soon turned into Son. Yes, she counts Hamlet to be like one of her own, and she loves him dearly. Nothing could replace him, because no matter how many versions of hamlet there are. There is only one Hamlet she cares about.
His last name isn’t Frankenstein. No, it’s Beaufort. Victor Beaufort is the greatest scientist to live, and yet maybe the most humble at times. He’s her friend who never could have been seen as one in the beginning, being she insulted him at day one. But after some cooling down and a sincere apology from the woman, they two got close and trusting into one another. She’s had dark days, and he has them too, she has chosen to try to help him, no matter what happens.
The wolf with a pack more mixed than Labyrinth’s personality. His head seems to be thicker than anything, and a sense of logic that is very overworn, but she has grown to understand and like him anyways. He confuses her, and he probably forever will at this rate. But he knows she cares, and could probably kick his ass so their understanding of each other is respectful and mutual. He’s the Alpha, with a being of pure strength standing next to him. There is no way anything can get in his way.
Brother, Asshole, Brute. They may not have the best of relationships, but she loves him anyways. They weren’t always related. He was just a bring made of magic, a reaper none the less. A reaper missing his wings, and stuck in a situation he needed help with. She hated him in the beginning, but soon came to love him as she offered her help. They grew close, very close. And she sealed their bond with a gift of Brotherhood. He’s moody, he’s insensitive, but he’s her brother. What more could you expect from a Messeli.