Lacie Moore

Intro Video


| Lacie’s ID |

Full Name:

Lacie “Bethany” Moore



Birthday:6th of October


| Extra Information |

Powers:Layers & Heat

Career:Alligner Of The Hageshi Clan

| My Alts |

Sarah Pheonix

Ivan Vielfang-Singetail



Who Am I...

Lacie The Alligner Of The Hakisuru Alliance

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

With Marissa Sherri

My Story Is...

Lacie’s Story

| Open Your Eyes |

When i was brought up in this world,my mother’s taught me to be myself obivously and to never let anyone else control my words & choices. Which is why I was so ambitious to become something but in Aurora Valley.. Anything was truly achievable

| Singetail Blood |

Because of everything in my family,i don’t get my third power till I’m older than Eighteen so I worked my way to join a side of my family friend & Bestie:Alyssa and later was assigned as her Aligner of the Alliance

| Marissa & Potential Kids |

So I did met her in school & yes I do want kids with her but who is she? To me truly..However she’s amazing and wants to take it slow


My Appearance

| Pyshical Description |

Black eyes matched with dark blue hair,while she commonly wears a purple blouse and jeans.

Lacie is 5’3 and a Half

| Genealogy Description |

Mother(s):Ronnie Singetail & Ciel Moore

Aunt(s):Sarah Pheonix

Grandparent(s):River Singetail & Brooke

| Mental Description |


Zodiac Sign:Libra


Weaponry:One-Sided Blade

Commucations:Hageshi Clan Earrings

My Secrets Are...

Whoever you are,Actions are what you judge on..Not looks or secrets.

So Buzz off

I Believe...

I Believe our bodies are ours to wield and not some third-party