Lacie Moore

Intro Video


| My Alt |

Sage Vielfang-Singetail

Who Am I...

Lacie The Head Representative Of The Hakisuru Alliance [Cadzenziera]

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Marissa Moore [Sherri] since 11/22

My Story Is...

| Early Years |

Orginally I was brought up on Hellifyno, For many years me and my mothers stayed in a family owned camp.

My Mother’s taught me alot about the world, yet I still turned out ambitious and determined to make it the best lifetime that’ll ever get

| Training |

I was soon told that I won’t get my third power till I was around 40, my grandfather River however decided to start training me and I made a Eygptian Sword with a topaz embedded inside of it

| Old Family Relations |

Apparently my family had alot relations with the Skymoon family, so evenutally I would go onto at the age of 12, I would apply to be the Alligner of the Hakisuru Alliance’s Diplomatic Relations, the name was later changed

| Planet 9 |

That same year that I was appointed, in family lost a member and then the void struck around my birthday.. thankfully Alyssa helped my family get to Cadzenziera

| Moving To The R.O.E |

I lived in Hagistead for many years with my wife till, my family helped found The Republic Of Everston, I moved and setup in Vightivia Drop with my wife and had my son and daughter moms and sister even moved in

My Appearance

| Lacie’s ID |

Full Name:

Lacie “Bethany” Moore


Birthday:6th Of October


Zodiac Sign:Libra


Hybridization:Neko, Human Hybrid

Birth Powers:Layer & Heat

| Genealogy Of Lacie|

Mother(s):Ronnie Singetail & Ciel Moore

Sister:Lilac Moore

Aunt:Ilona Singetail

Cousin:Cassindra Hakisuru

Grandparents:River Singetail & Brooke

Spouse:Marissa Moore

Son:Randy Moore

Daughter:Elizabeth Moore

| Appearance |

I have black eyes and dark blue hair, I am often seen wearing a purple hoodie and jeans (off work) and then I usually just wear a nice blue dress with a badge of all the flags of the nation’s of Cadzenziera (on work)



Weaponry:Eygptian Blade [The Slasher]

Commucations:The Republic Of Everston Weaponry Gem Commucations

My Secrets Are...

Actions can reveal sercets, oops wait if won’t be a sercet anymore would it?

I Believe...

We are not owned by some third party, we create our identities