Lady Annabeth Breen

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Princess Annabeth Breen, of Austria

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Born in the year of our lord 1672 the only daughter to the King Harold Breen, she grew to have her father’s will and her mother’s beauty. Just into her nineteenth year she was on her way home from visiting the villages, the winter snows lay heavy that year and her father had allowed her to go and give out baskets of food and ensure all were cared for. Upon their return the normal route blocked by snow they were forced to go through the woods, there to be set upon by bandits. The men fought valiantly but to no avail, soon they lay still their blood bright against the fallen snow. As the door was torn open the princess, smashed the face of the first bandit as he stuck his head in. Stunned he could only fall back his face bleeding, as his partners laughed. Unaware the princess and her maid were climbing out the other side. The flash of blue and gold captured their gaze and though the women moved quickly the maid was soon caught her screams echoing in the forest. Terrified the princess turned to beg them for mercy when her foot slipped at the edge of the ravine. tumbling back she fell into darkness…


Hours later..she awoke, soaked to the bone. Dragging herself from the small shallow creek she stumbled through the woods till she saw the village and the light. There to find that the darkness was only the beginning.

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I shall not bow my head, lest I lose my crown



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