Bathsheba had many different lives so no one knows when the Witch was born or where. Bathsheba only remembers figments and fragments of other lives which are sewn together almost like a memory collage.

Each time she is summoned she finds herself in a different body in a new time or place, each time that body dying out when her desire is met or when she simply does not want to be there. Most of the time, she stays. Only because the person who summons her is some form of entertainment. Due to this unique spell, her personal memories are clouded about who she was before and just how old she really is. Throughout her many lives Bathsheba had but one thing she remembered her magic and the deep seeded hatred she had for mankind. Perhaps it had something to do with her own haunting screams, the smell of fire and the pain she felt. She does not know why she remembers being burned alive but that’s the only fragment of that memory of her being human.

“Death comes with soft hands”

Who Am I...

Enchantress, Witch, Trivia (Goddess of WitchCraft, Sorcery)

Romantic Interests

None (Unless you want a bargin with her)