I have many characters and i’m not going to talk all about them i’ll talk about them depending on the Rp i do. if Ur interested in role playing with me and like to talk to me about them go ahead an ask also i have art work on pairings i like to see happen in rps.
Also I am PM friendly and don’t be shy to chat with me also i voice act as a hobby so
So if you like here is a list of them. 

My Hero Academia

Nina Ivy and Sin Ivy
Ships for Nina -Deku ,Bakugo ,Icy hot…ect
Ships for Sin- Almight , erasor head, maybe some villains depending

The ancient Magus bride
Karen natsuki

Maira princess of darkness-Overlord
Ships-Ainz ooal gown aka Momon

Tina bloodwar-trinity blood
ships-Abel or cain

Rose Ashton and Jill Weever -Vampire knight
Ships- Kaname and Zero

Yuki Katsuragi-majin tantei nougami neuro

Rose William-Uta No Prince Sama
Ship-Ren,Masato,Otoya,Tokiya,Syo,Natsuki or
Natsuki’s other half Satsuki

Angle- Death note
Ship- Light or ‘L’

Izzy and Sarah Rose-Durarara
Ship- Izaya and Shizuo

Amy M Harker-Hellsing

Heather Shadow-Vampire hunter D
Ships- D

Betty Lee, Jill Baker, Kelly Briggs -Black butler
ships-Sebastian, Grell or William

Sally or Lilly Wallflower-Bleach
ships-Ichigo, Aizen, Gin, Byaokya and Renji

the Rose Maiden club-OHSHC
Tina, Sara,Kim, Heather, Katy, Karen, Holly- for ouran
Ship- the host club

Alexandra Ivy and Alex Al Barn-Pandora hearts
Alexandria-Gilbert or incest with her brother Break


Amanda Wilson-labyrinth
Ship- jareth

Lilly romenoff- Thor or the avengers
Ships- Loki

Supernatural- Heather Winchester
Ships- Castiel

Annie Frankenstein- Van helsing rp
Ships- Van helsing or Dracula
the rise of the guardians
Lilly williams- ships with Jack
Sally williams-ships with Pitch
Tina Williams-none
Daisy Williams-none
Jessica or Jess Lee- hotel Transylvania
Ships- Dracula

Undertale and the AU’s-
Tina Smith- ships- Sans or Papyrus
Amy Burn (is really a angle)-Castlvinia, lord of shadows and lord of shadows 2
Ships-alucard or dracula

Sally White-BlazeBlue
Ships-Hazama or Ragna

Amy Lee Oswell- RE character
ships- Wesker, Leon or Chris

Nelly Nuke-Duke nukem
ships- Duke


Tina shearwood- DMC 5
Ships- Dante or V or Vergil

Rose J Wallflower-FF7 sires
Ships- Sephiroth or Vincent

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