Lady Kathrine Delinard

Romantic Interests

Men, Nobody exact at the moment

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born in the Kingdom of Swadia, the daughter of declining nobility, Lady Kathrine was treated well as a child, despite the Delinard Family’s apparent hardships. She learnt about caring for the home, and about caring for family from her mother, as her father was away a lot, and it was the role of women to care for the home in her time. As the Family’s status in the realm continued to decline throughout the years, her father grew desperate, and betrothed her at 16, without her consent, to another lesser noble, once she openly refused the wedding to him, her father became enraged, and struck her multiple times, and once Kathrine’s mother rushed to her defence, she too was struck. That night, she left, and has been exploring the wilds and towns of the world for years, and one day, she ended up here, through a rather… spectacular event…

My Appearance

The Lady has long, flowing black hair which compliments her fair, pale skin, and piercing, yet somehow soft, ember eyes.