Fowl Family


This is Haunter’s Family

Haunter (Arcturus Fowl)

(Go see Shadow Haunter profile)


Ouija Fowl

Haunter’s triplet brother. Spirit of the Ouija board. Nickname: Zozo.


Sabrewulf Fowl

Another one of Haunter’s triplet brothers. The immortal werewolf. Nickname : unknown.


Rory Fowl

Haunter’s younger sister. Demigod of war. Nickname: Shadow Dancer.


Riana Fowl

Another one of Haunter’s younger sisters. Spirit of death. Nickname: Sacred Riana.


Spinal (Pirate God of the Dead)

Haunter’s father. King of Helheim (a world of the dead).


Kari (Goddess of Pure Heart)

Haunter’s mother. Warrior of the light.