Who Am I...

A creature who gets contracts. i kill. not because i like it. its just what i do

Romantic Interests

everyone and everything in existance is a posibility

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

as a child i was always fascinated by death. when i heared of a group called the raven hunters i had to join them…thats all i can say. the rest is momentarily classified

My Appearance

really long black jacket. long Brown hair that reaches until my shoulders. grey eyes, 1,89 meters tall. long grey/black pants, black hat thats a mix between a cowboy hat and a fedora. Leather boots, a white loose blouse. a belt that reaches around my waist and one that goes over my chest.


a silver six shooter with a 12 centimeters long barrel. a couple of explosive potions and a bottle of water ( also…always an apple)

My Secrets Are...

litteraly everything i didnt just mention. else they wouldnt be secrets

I Believe...

in life and death