Laska Samson

Who Am I...

Artificer Samson Mk.II Fenris Strike Model.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Laska Samson, the real Laska was frozen in a cryogenic chamber some time ago but what most failed to realize is that he had a child.


This is Laska Samson Junior, by all technicalities yet he carries the name as if it were his own because his father’s been considered dead to him for quite some time.


His mother was left with a few weapons and a suit of armor for Laska to wear when he was old enough.


Laska has recently left his home in Antarctica, being mostly machine he’s capable of living in this climate without suffering from the harshness of the environment.


Laska set out for Hellifyno in search of his uncle, in an attempt to find his father because he knew that his uncle would be the man to ask.. But the meeting with his uncle went awry because of the family’s history.


Laska was implanted with the remnants of the mythological beast known as Fenris after his birth because Fenris is one of the beings that must live until the end of time.. His uncle destroyed the beast, and Laska’s father knew how badly this would upset the balance of things so he kept parts of the creature alive and implanted them in his own child just to save existence from destruction due to this lack of balance.


So Laska was dubbed “Laska Mk.II Fenris strike model”, he can shrink himself by folding all of his moving armor plates over each other multiple times to change into a more heavily armored, faster moving attack mode which makes him many times more lethal than he is in Sentinel mode, his usual form.


While he is part machine, Laska is given the senses and primal instincts of the beast known as Fenris due to the implants so he does have fangs, slightly pointed ears, and natural claws growing from his finger tips.


Due to these implants, he also bears the power known as “The Maw of Fenris.”. This power, the power that the original beast was known for, opening it’s mouth wide enough to swallow the moon.. It works differently for Laska.


It allows him to open any pore on his body into a particle cannon which he can use for attack, typically he chooses to change one of his arms into a cannon rather than forming a cannon elsewhere on his frame


Due to him being Fenris by way of acting as the creature’s physical form he would be considered a Dire wolf, making him the only technology driven Dire wolf in existence.

My Appearance

5’10, brown hair. Blue eyes.. Always armored/masked. Carries large weapons on his back that go along with the theme of being a machine.


Large Plasma Chainsaw, large club wrench. And his armored mask, which houses an entire arsenal of libraries from which Laska can pull information.


The mask is powered by an AI known as Isaac, that Laska is capable of remaining synchronized with even if he isn’t wearing the mask.

My Secrets Are...

Extremely shy, which is why he rarely removes his mask.

Named his weapons, Lucinda is the plasma chainsaw and Bartleby is the Club wrench.

I Believe...

In doing my job.