(Hiii, ldiax here waiting to some good roleplay.)

Who Am I...

my name is ldiax nice to meet ya. I am know as the soul-healer.

Romantic Interests

i loke all kind of romantic stuff but i am living alone yet.

My Story Is...

I arrive to the city a shorts days ago and i am looking for a job to ear money because i want to pay my new house. I can also give my healing powers if someone needs it.

My Appearance

I have a long black hair, black eyes.
I am not tall at all and a average girl weight.
My body: i have A cups and i usually wear a white t shirt with a old jeans. I can wear shoes or boats depending the day.


I just have a new house which i have to pay.

My Secrets Are...

I can see inside souls, heal them or harm them anytime, anywhere.

I Believe...

i believe my piwers are so dangerous but i can use them in a good way