Who Am I...

I am Leah, a 17 year old (in human years) succubus. I really don't have much I do, but I suppose my main hobby is gardening. Oooh–and play with fire. I like food a *lot* and I love people (and messing with them). I'm a huuuuge flirt, and the dom in almost any relationship. I'm pretty strong, too, and I fight with my bare hands (and fire!). I like arguing, and I like winning. That's really it–wait, I like sex too, hah~! I am 4'10'' but I will kill you for any short jokes made about me, and I normally wear pretty skimpy clothing (if you want pics, I have them ;D). I have a single horn; don't ask where the other one is. That's all there really is to say about me.

Romantic Interests

I like everyone. I am polyamorous, meaning I like to have multiple relationships at once. The one thing I won't do is futanari. Other than that, I am down for anything as long as I am on top.

Relationship Status


My Appearance