Leiche Jammervol

Intro Video

Who Am I...

One of two Twins

My Story Is...

Orphaned and left with nothing but my sisters, the world can seem like a scary place. The key is to be even scarier…
Twin of Iris Augen Jammervol and older sister of Gebaine Jammervol, Leiche was one of three daughters left alone after the death of their parents. The orphaned sisters seem to prefer each other’s company over anyone else. The twins thrive together as a pair. Separated they become rather quiet, but together they become much more mischievous. It is important they keep an eye on their little sister, however…
Leiche enjoys, apart from Iris’s company, a cold winter’s night, long naps, the smell of fresh cut pine, taxidermy, and strolls through graveyards. She is fascinated with various aspects representing death, but also of comfort. She’s most comfortable holding Iris by the hand, and finds great difficulty sleeping without her twin there. Giving their little sister piggy back rides is also brings joy.

My Appearance

Age: 13
Height: 5 ft 0 in
Weight: A bit on the scrawny side
Race/Skin: White, very pale
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Black, long and straight, with bangs
Attire: Dark gothic attire, akin to 1870’s young girl’s attire in fashion


Axes, knives, saws…a collection of toys to play with

My Secrets Are...

-A butcher’s cleaver, a scythe, a headsman’s ax; all heavy weapons associated with death, usually dragged behind her in the hand not holding her sister’s.
-rat poison

I Believe...

Two hearts beating, hand in hand. You all fall down, when we still stand.