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(My character[s] might change or switch between two OCs at once for different dialogues)

Characters you may see during roleplays (will be updated soon):

Nikki, Steve, Nicole

Who Am I...

Nikki the Lynx-vampire hybrid

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Nikki is a cat maiden from a kingdom on an island in the middle of space. In a galaxy nobody else knows about, she lives there and works for the king as his maiden and lover. Occasionally she’s abused by him emotionally, so she flees/teleports to another dimension or place to find comfort outside the galaxy she lives in.

My Appearance

Blue/purple ombre hair, Long brown lynx ears, Dark purple bat wings, Long mythical brown lion-like tail with a big fluff at the tip, Fangs, Green/purple eyes, Oversized dark red hoodie, skinny ripped jeans, black dress boots


Orange/black bandana, small heart locket, lemon flavored lollipop

My Secrets Are...

Hides the fact she’s from a kingdom, sometimes abused by her lover (the king)

I Believe...

There's some kind of good in everyone, you just have to find it



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