Lenna Whelan

Intro Video

Vengeance is a bitch.

Who Am I...

A heroine to some, executioner to others.

Relationship Status

No one wants to love this.

My Story Is...

I died. I came back to life, got some cool wings. I kill people and not just because I have to… I like what I do, I take my time; Make them suffer. Does that make me a sick fuck? Probably, but reaping vengeance isn’t for the faint of heart. We are birthed from horror, torment and pain.

My Appearance

Black hair

Pale green eyes

Sun tan skin littered with tats

Willowy, looks like I could use a few more burgers than many.

A sick back tat that turns into Black wings. Empty black eyes when I’m on the job. Guess it’s part of the uniform.


Guns, knives, Tic Tacs, a pair of black wings, lighter, a pack of Marlboro Reds.

My Secrets Are...

My own…

(But there might still be a blog around here somewhere about it.)

I Believe...

Vengence is underrated.