Eyes blankly staring at the sky, glassy, cloudy, and unblinking.
A scream.
In anguish, desperate, haunting, familiar
An uncomfortable clawing, clawing, clawing. He then felt the ground shake and tremble harshly.


Another scream then tore through the dark,
but it is of his own.

Who Am I...

Oliver, people call me Olli…or at least I know that? Truth be told, I don't remember much before I'm, well, this. All I know is that I'm a spirit in purgatory as others put it, and uh…the fact that I don't know how to "properly" act like a ghost. It' s weird, really. One moment, I feel alive, the next I know I'm as dead as Casper is. Also, who knew there are tons of souls with unfinished business? I'm not going to associate myself with the bad crowd that's for sure.

Romantic Interests

I've always felt like looking at or watching over both males and females…does that count?

My Story Is...

As of now? I’m just a specter squatting in different locations. Sure, it can get a little…lonely.


Scratch that, it’s really lonely.


Children are sometimes fun to talk to though because they think you’re their imaginary friend (or their bad dream coming to life). I can’t stay with kids forever, however. Why I’m a man on a mission! There are those teens or adults who can see me too. Do they freak out?




People who can see me but aren’t afraid of me though…now those are the folks I watch over… You’re either naive as all hell, brave or you’re as dead as I am…only I’m dead on the outside, and you must be dying (assuming you haven’t already) on the inside.


Have I met angels or demons? I have yet to see one.


Are there others like me? Tons, it’s crazy. And most of them aren’t the reasonable kind.


Am I one of the good spirits? Eh, sensible.

My Appearance

See through, really see through…with less saturated colors, hah! But I can look tangible if I wanted to. Can’t do anything about being inhumanly pale though, so that takes the ‘I look human’ schtick off. Hair? Short, black and messy is the only way I can describe it. I sport your typical scout’s uniform under a thick black coat. I’m not a tall person, neither am I short. I’d say about in between. How old am I? Give or take but I definitely don’t feel like a child.

My Secrets Are...

I get migraines every now and then, and I get these flashes of…memories (I can call them that I guess?) from triggers I can’t pinpoint and specify for some damn reason. Although…sometimes the memories feel too real… Ugh, I feel another wave of a headache just by thinking about it. Can spirits even get migraines? Could I even call it that?


Scars? Well, all of the dead do, I think? Inside or outside…take a wild guess.


A job? You’d think I’m just hanging around but I have a job. What and given by whom? Hey, secrets, right?