Leo Tobias

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Who Am I...

The Prince of Dragons and King of Ice

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

I was born when the universe was young to my father, The King of Dragons. And he bestowed upon me the power of water, in all of its forms all across the universe. As I grew he instilled in me a divine purpose. To protect those that possess pure, kind souls. As the millenniums passed my 12 younger siblings abandoned our purpose, leaving me alone to be vigilant. I may not have drawn my sword in decades. But don’t believe I’ve grown weak…

My Appearance

I stand 190 CM (6’3″) Though I don’t have abs or such I am extremely fit. When in combat I wear a black suit of armor. That’s rare in these times though. I am mostly seen wearing a blue suit that emphasizes my eyes. Who’s color moves and shift like the waves.


Arms and armor of all kinds

My Secrets Are...

Know by few. Must be gained by trust alone

I Believe...

In the strength of a kind soul