Lexi and Natalia Wayne

My Story Is...

Alexa and Natalia Thompson lost there parents when they were only eight years old, to the sorcery of an angry witch. Their mother had always been loving and kind, and their father had always been… Well he had been nice at points. He had a knack for losing his temper, especially when he went out drinking. One night, he’d provoked a witch, calling her daughter a hairless, dirty feline. The witch had followed her father home while them and their mother sat on the couch watching a movie. (If you must know, it was actually the cartoon frozen, but they would never admit that to anyone). Their father had stumbled in, and went straight to bed, while the witch snuck in minutes later. She made their father watch as she spelled his daughters, making them part feline. She had then killed their mother and father. Now with cat ears, a cat tail, and feline like claws, eyes, and teeth,  likeboth felt a freak. Angry at their father, and mourning for their mother, the girls decided to take on their cat forms, and had taken to living on the streets. By the time they was fourteen, both were frail, barely able to walk much less beg for scraps from strangers. They’d been basically on the verge of death, when thankfully a man by the name of Randall Wayne had found the.. Taking the girls in (who still hadnt came out of their cat forms), he had nursed them back to health, and after some time,  her they revealed their true selves to him. Surprisingly enough, he had not shamed them, and instead had accepted them for what they were, and even let them  stay as his “adopted” daughtes .Even going as far as changing their last name to Wayne.


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