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She who draws water. 

Protector of L’Pierre D’eau


My Story Is...

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The island of Water Stone was ruled by all. No hierarchy. Government. Queens, Kings. Such things did not exist. Everyone was welcome, welcome to the waters of  Le Genre. Until trust was broken with the greed of travelers. 


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L’Pierre D’eau

L’Pierre D’eau is a thriving island, hidden from the world by its people ever since a battle split them apart. Most know nothing of it if anybody even does. Running through its flourishing land runs magical waters, the source of their beliefs, culture, and life.

Water Island Sketch | Kalen Chock | Fantasy landscape, Environment ...


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 Wallpaper water, stream, stones, people, waterfall, art, cave ...

Waters of Le Genre

The magical waters, named after two Aquardians that were a big part of the island’s history. No one, not even elementals nor controllers of water, can control these enchanted rivers and bodies of water. There has only been one person who has been able to, and she is an Aquardian known as The Protector or Guardian.


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The cautious villagers and people of the island, they are intelligent and generous beings of many races. At peace with the spirits of the elements.


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The Guardian, Adaliah.

|((Work In Progress.))|


I know this has been like this for a while now, I’m working on her story, I swear. <.<

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