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Lícia, the Bringer of Light. Or, that is at least what she once was. She is now,

Lícia, the Fallen Deity

Who Am I...

Lícia-Marie Rieko Asterios

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single, for now.

My Story Is...

Lícia-Marie, the daughter of the Supreme Deity. She had existed since when time first began. She was born and raised to banish, and chase away the darkness. When doing her job, she does her best to spare as much as possible. Unlike her peers, she does not hold hate for any of the races. Not even the demons.

Lícia most times spends her time on Hellifyno now, studying and watching the beings. She never sees anything like them in Heaven, but only for brief moments in her job when she’s helping to banish evil and darkness when she is taking a job from humans. They have always caught her eye with their unique ways and so, she secretly goes to Hellifyno with her free time and work to watch.

Recently, Lícia has become one of the Fallen due to being entangled stuck with human problems, which led to a sin. Lícia has been abandoned by most of her angelic friends and even her mother, the Supreme Deity. She lives on Hellifyno now, living her life reluctantly.

My Appearance

Lícia has light brown hair that extends to her back. She also had honeysuckle hues and stands at 5’2. Lícia is always seen wearing her casual attire (as shown below), only seen on Hellifyno at least. She is rarely seen in her more formal, goddess attire (as shown below) but when ever she is seen in it, it indicates she is involved with business.


[Work/Goddess Attire. Lícia usually had three pairs of large angelic wings in this form, the upper wings on her upper back having a span of 6 feet long, the the smaller wings on her lower back having the length of 4 feet long ]

[Usual Attire, But on her back are puff sized wings (like the size of a clenched hand). Her wings in this form are puffy and fluffy, white feathers but her hair usually covers them]




  • Synthesis: Absorbs the light and energy from the sun to increase her own strength and energy, as well as stamina.
  • Blight: Uses a flash of light to banish a tainted being from the darkness or evil. This includes using it on evil beings as well.
  • Maker: Forms light into beams or balls of light to attack. This includes forming into other shapes or objects.
  • Arsenal: Ability to summon weapons or objects stored in her own space or inventory.
  • Regenerate: Uses her own energy to restore her own wounds. She can also use light and energy to heal other’s wounds
My Secrets Are...

She keeps her title a secret. She wishes to be with all and treated equally

I Believe...

All are one