General Joseph R. Adams (And more.)


Honey, I forgot to duck.”


President Ronald Reagan to his wife, Nancy Reagan, after an attempted assassination.

Who Am I...

3 people. Hard to, you know, this.

Romantic Interests

Joseph: None Samuel: Women John: None

Relationship Status

Joseph: Single, but not looking Samuel: Single John: Same as Joseph

My Story Is...

Joseph R. Adams

Joseph Reagan Adams was born into a small family in Granville, Ohio on August 16th, 1942. His father, Robert Edward Adams, was a World War 2 and Korean War U.S. Navy ace and Medal of Honor recipient. His mother, Anne Marie Stevens (then Adams, after she and Robert were married in 1937) was a teacher at the local elementary school. Joseph excelled in school, then going to the local college, where he graduated, receiving a masters degree. Joseph decided to join the United States Marine Corps, which he did at the age of 19 in 1961 during the beginning years of the Vietnam War. He trained at Parris Island, South Carolina, then graduating boot camp as a Private. He climbed up the ranks for four years until reaching the rank of Sergeant. He then went to officers school, then graduating as a Second Lieutenant. He was meritoriously promoted to Captain in 1965, until he was sent to Vietnam that same year. He fought there for about 6 years, until being sent back to America in 1971 after the U.S. decided to pull the Marines out of Vietnam. He was awarded the Navy Cross in 1969 for brave actions during an ambush in Vietnam. He would be stationed in Camp Pendleton, California, and he would stay there for a while, climbing the ranks until he was promoted to Colonel in 1989. A year after his promotion, the Gulf War had started in the Middle East. Joseph was called to be sent over to Kuwait in 1990, which he did, along with 150 other men in his command.

(Profile is currently a work in progress.)