Lancelot Kishimoto

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Lightning Lance. Lancelot Kishimoto. The Blue Bolt. Speedster.

Romantic Interests

Deliverance ‘Mercy’ Hawthorne-Bishop

Relationship Status

Happily Married 😀

My Story Is...

“Alright, so, my story goes like this… My mom’s Kurai Kishimoto, an artificial homunculus. My dad’s a human, so I’m mostly human; except my eyes they come from mom too.”

“I never really met my dad, so fuck him. My mom’s amazing though, a genuis in like all things science. That’s… hard to live up too. Most of the time, I can follow what she says, but I’ll never be able to remember all that stuff she tries to teach me.” He shrugs.

“So I went my own way. I could actually use the family magic, so I decided to try that out for size. I found out that I’m reallll good with lightning, only second to Tenkei-Sama in the family. Then… He died, and I was given his sword by Lucian-Sama; and it became something of a focus for me. Little did I know, Tenkei’s soul was bonded into the soul, and I attuned with the lightning part of his spirit.”

“There was a dude in a snake mask, Tenkei got released from the sword. Then he gave me the lightning ability from himself and departed into the afterlife… And that’s how I became Lightning Lance. From there I learned extremely fine control of the lightning, to the point that I can access pure speed force and replace my bioelectricity with it.”

My Appearance

Lance normally stands at 5’10, blonde hair and empty golden irises. He also held something of a light tan, from all the time he spends running around outside.

While as Lightning Lance, he wears a mask with a perception filter and headphones/ear-covers with golden lightning bolts on the side. It makes it seem that he was 6′ tall, with blue hair and a golden streak through it. His Speed Suit/gloves/boots is both light and dark blue, with accents of black. On his chest was, of course, a blue lightning bolt.


Main Hand:
CenterStrike in its sealed form is a normal sized Katana. The blade of which is a shiny black, the guard being four one inch prongs bent out to make a small square. The hilt is wrapped in red fabric. Right underneath the guard is the Kishimoto Family Crest embedded into the blade.
Crimson Weapon Deagle: .50 Caliber FMJ. Recoil Mitigation. Mass Effect technology allows for gravity propelled shavings of metal to increase and mitigate the use of ammo, instead heat syncs are required for continuous usage. Micro-scaled mass accelerators, using mass-reducing fields and magnetic force to propel miniature slugs to lethal speeds. Every Crimson Weapon is laden with features, from targeting auto-assists to projectile shavers that can generate thousands of rounds of ammunition from a small, internal block of metal.
Identity Concealing Mask/ Communications gear: The mask that rest on part of his face is weaved and ‘enchanted’ with a low level perception filter, along with integrated light bending technology to make him seem different yet natural. Also, cameras and other recording objects will always catch a blurry image of his face. The comms at as a two way radio and scanner for environmental reports, also noise cancelling capabilities.
The Blue Bolt mk. 4
The Speed Suitencompasses him from neck to wrists and ankles. Crafted from resistance/friction/ heatproof ultra lightweight fabric on the outside layer. The inside layer is an exquisite alloy of dwarf star for defensive rigidity and metal crafted from literal Speed Force lightning fed through an Energy to Matter converter.


-Internal Heater/Cooling systems
-Deadlock technology to disallow external removal without authorization

Teleportation Belt: Introduces tachyons into the momentum matrix to allow seemless slips or worm holes. Then allows for control of worm hole entrance and exit(up to 10 mile margin for error.) Maximum, two humanoids.
Feet: These boots are perfect for the Speedsters feet, and are immune to the following effects. Fire/Electricity/Ice/Friction/Acid/Piercing/ and blunt force trauma.

(Right Side) Omni-Tool computer with mild hacking software
(Both Sides) Emergency containers filled with high calorie energy bars. It takes a lot of energy to move this fast.
Built in sensors in the gloves allow the Speedster to scan things on a touch, in conjunction with Omni-Tool to make basic scientific readings.
A ring that can summon perpetual lightning. Crafting by Lazarus Gideon Kishimoto, Lance can use it pretty much as an accelerator, absorbing the stored lightning from a different dimension and using it to increase his speed.
Lightning Bolt. Micro compression technology to hide up to three outfits. Civilian, The Blue Bolt mk.4, and an Alternate back-up Speedsuit.

My Secrets Are...

In my past, I did some things in the name of hubris, and greed. Looking back, I regret those actions. That’s why I can’t stop to look back, I keep moving forward.

I Believe...

I know I got red in my ledger, I do. But I hope one day, I can at least compare it to the black and decide then if it was worth it.