Lilium "Lily" Akuma



Lily may be a Demon, but that doesn’t mean she’s one of those mean, grumpy, or threatening demons.
To tell the truth, Lily is actually pretty nice for almost all the time. She seems to be shy when meeting new people though. And she isn’t really that used to physical affection.
Since she isn’t used to people, or affection, she is a bit afraid. Sure, she would go along with it, but unless you can really read her, it’ll take a while for her to get used to even having a friend or two.


Wulfram Bernhard

Ah, someone to call her boyfriend. Someone to call her lover. Someone to be the father of their daughter, Iris…. A bit of a perv, but whatever. She still loves him very, very much. Though hopefully he wouldn’t mind a slap to the face for every perverted move he makes..


The Sieghart Family

Since she’s been friends with Adam Sieghart, she would try to make a good impression to his wife and kids. And she possibly has. She sees the family as well… Family! Being the Aunty figure to some of the children and a sister figure to Adam and Saka, she feels happy to be apart of their chaotic family.


Esan’Ni Cribabi

She is her adoptive sister… Somewhat.. family, but… Her relationship with the ghoul isn’t the best… After all.. Why would you want to trust the ghoul that ate your own sister? Even saying her name makes her strain a bit, but sadly she cannot do anything to the gal. Not when their adoptive mother is around…