Lilli and Ray Wysafaren ~Albino Snake~ {+Others}


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Who Am I...

Lilli Renee Heartson

Romantic Interests

Someone that won't use me.. and love me for me

Relationship Status

Mated and Married to Dusk Wysafaren

My Story Is...

~Lilli is a sweet round snake girl, she loves to be with people and make new friends, she loves to draw, sing, play piano, she loves to be with people like her kind (snake people). Lilli has her mom and dad, but her dad drinks a lot as she didn’t like it at all, her dad beat her and her sister, her mom tried to save her, but would also get beaten if she tried. Lilli is very creative, but she gets nervous of what people will think of it, she has some confidence for herself, she loves to get complements. Lilli loves to slither around with people!~


Chapter 1:

A New Start

One day when i was slithering around in the field i was always in everyday, i fell into a portal. Getting a few scrapes i just ignored them and looked confused of where i was, seeing i was in a building and there were people around, I just got nervous and hid. Being as young as i was and not knowing much about anything else. One morning i woke up in the same spot i was in when i got there, i looked around trying to see who was there today, seeing the same people there i just sighed, but then i turned my head to see my sister Skylar. She had left me when i was a small snake and i guess she ended up here as i did. I quickly slithered to her and hugged her having a big bright smile on my face, not knowing what else to do i let her go for her to turn and greet me again. I had begun crying a bit when she had spoke of being in the same situation, nodding she had spoke of this what she called “Inn” being very sweet and nice. Not knowing what to say i just nodded.


Chapter 2:

My first friend

One day i woke up in a room my sister had gotten me to sleep in. I had slithered down the stairs and coiled up in one of the booths that were in the Inn. As I was looking around a female had came up to me and introduced herself, blinking i didn’t know what to say or do so i just smiled and greeted her back and told her about myself. Looking to the side seeing my sister walk in with some woman i had tilted my head, but tuned back in to the female talking to me, nodding i smiled. She had asked if we could be friends, so i nodded and stayed by her and spoke to her. Skylar had walked up to me and introduced her new “girlfriend” to me. Confused about what love and everything was i just laid there and greeted the woman back and said my name as usual. The woman was very nice i approved her to be with my sibling. Sighing my friend had left and then again i was alone..So i began to look around.


Chapter 3:

The Worst Day of My Life..

Smiling one day as i was up early and in the Inn early i had been looking for my friend. Seeing a male walk in i had felt a slight tightness in my chest and gripped it not knowing what it was. I looked for my sister and didn’t see her so i just looked down and tried to figure out what was going on. With a confused look on my face the male had looked to me and i could feel the heat on my face as my cheeks had turned red, so i quickly camouflaged and looked away, a few minutes later i had gone to the male i had greeted him and told him things about me. The male had done the same thing, though it was different as he had a different scent to him. I went back up to my room to take a nap around evening because i was tired and confused. I had woke up and went back downstairs to find the male again, but with flowers, confused to still not see my sister in the Inn I just had coiled up in my usual spot, sighing the male had walked up and gave me the flowers, Looking to them confusingly the male had spoke saying he wanted to go on a “Date” with me? Thinking that was him taking me to go get a drink i agreed and went with him, he had taken me to his house and made me dinner and made me some sort of drink that was very strong smelling. Taking a sip i did not like it so i declined the drink, i ate the food he had made me i thanked him, when the dinner was over i was getting ready to go when he began to touch my tail and rub on it, scared i didn’t know what to do and tried to slap him, but he then grabbed my wrist and held it tightly, screeching i asked him to let me go, but then..h..he undressed and i began to beg him to let me go, but he had put something in me and i was scared and screaming, not knowing what to do i hissed and tried to get away, he kept hurting me and raping me i was shaking and crying. Looking around s everything started going black i heard a window break and i soon fell unconscious and saw a glance of who it was, seeing it was my sister i just lied there officially scarred and not so innocent anymore. Skylar had killed the male and saved me.


Chapter 4:

A Not So Happy day..

Waking up in a bed i had screamed and shook scared, my sister ramming into the bedroom she hugged me telling me it was okay. Seeing my sister i had hugged her and cried. She was telling me it was going to be okay and nothing was going to happen ever again. Trusting her i just didn’t let her go and nuzzled her. Seeing her girlfriend come in and shook and hid my face, her girlfriend had told me it was okay. I nodded but was silent..


Chapter 5:

A Silent Decade:

Soon a decade came i had gone back to the Inn after so long and was sitting with my sister and her girlfriend, having no emotion i just leaned on my sister and huffed. As time had went on no peep had come from my lips, nothing no sound, no squeak..I haven’t eaten i just waited, but it had still felt like it had happened sister had kept comforting me and telling me it was going to be okay..


Chapter 6:

Another Year..

It’s been another year..Somewhat alright, but still scared i had gone into the Inn and looked around, seeing i was alone as my sister was at work today i had no one, seeing my friend had not wanted to be my friend anymore from what happened…I really had no one. Looking around i had sen many happy couples and their children hugging their parents i had sighed and shivered some..getting the same thought again from what happened a few tears fell..time to suffer another year..


Chapter 7:

Dusk Wysafaren? My Love?

One morning when i had gone into the Inn i coiled up in my normal bench and looked around, seeing the usual people, but seeing one male that i have never seen before i had looked to him and felt the same tightness in my chest, looking to the side i couldn’t help but look to the male again. Questioning why i was feeling this way again i looked to my sister and whimpered, looking to the male again i had felt my cheeks heat up and turn red, soon i was just staring at him without knowing. My tail had began to sway a bit not knowing so i was confused, as soon as the male looked to me i fell back into the seat with a thud as i hit my head, peeking around the seat i saw the bright ruby colored tail of this male as i turned a bright red. squeaking confused and scared i sat up and looked down. As soon as he came he had spoke to me he had said “Hello, I am Dusk Wysafaren” nodding slightly i had said my name with a stutter. As soon as that happened we had supposedly became friends? I felt a feeling i have never felt i and stayed silent again. I had invited him over for dinner, a slight smile had came on my face as i watched the male, confused of the feelings still. I had told him i was looking for a demon for immortality..which she could tell he was one by his scent, so she just said she was looking for one. He had said he was one and could give me my wish, i had nodded and accepted despite the warning he had given me about i will watch my friends of mortality die before me. i had still accepted and got what i wished for, unknowing of what i was saying i accidentally called him master..seeing he clearly got uncomfortable she looked down and got scared, she finally felt she had found someone, so she took a move she thought she’d ever make and asked him out, which he had accepted and since then he hasn’t left my side…is he the demon i’ve been looking for?


Chapter 8

The Lamia are saved!

One i had been with Dusk again and as he knew i was the last of the Lamia species. I had asked him if we could save them since he was a handsome ruby cobra. Having a Lamia and a Cobra put together make a new species of snake! As he accepted i was very happy. After a couple years of trying we had finally got pregnant, and right when i had told him i was pregnant he had asked me to marry him..!! This was the most happiest day of my life!!


Chapter 9

The First 50

One day when i was in the Inn laying on Dusk, it had been 7 months i was so tired and in a lot of pain. When i tried to move to lie my head on Dusk’s shoulder soon a puddle of water had been seen on him, squeaking I had shaken Dusk and pointed to the water, breathing quickly I held her belly, whimpering Dusk quickly picked me up an had taken me to the house. Screaming some i had heard Dusk begin to say that eggs were starting to show, about 10 hours later 50 eggs were in my grasp i had been lying around the 50 eggs, we had promised 40 of the eggs would go to people who couldn’t have kids of their own and 10 would be ours. A decade later the little snakes were now 1,000 years old in demon years they were a white ruby Lamia demon cobra hybrid! They grew up so quick, a few years later they were of to college and some were off to the military..!! Missing them a bunch i had tears of joy.


Chapter 10

The Wedding Day!!

Soon the day of our wedding came I was so excited i couldn’t contain myself, I had one of Dusk’s friends that came to the wedding to take photos. What could go wrong on a perfect day? While i was getting dressed i soon heard a loud thud come from the building, in my white dress i had slithered out of the room quickly to see Dusk fighting someone..again…? And on our wedding? Nodding i quickly went back to the room to hide as i looked around curiously at the guests, seeing they haven’t noticed a demon was in the wedding now..i continued to get dressed and do my makeup, seeing that i was being lead to the alter i huff and look to the alter to see my soon to be husband standing there with his tux covered in blood, sighing i couldn’t help giggle at the chaos of our wedding, one i got to the alter i had grabbed Dusk’s hands and smiled looking into his eyes. My eyes were their usual blackish yellow, but were sparkly today! As we gave our vows soon enough i had heard “You may now kiss your bride” preparing myself i been dipped down and embraced with a deep, loving kiss. Feeling this it had felt like my soul had been bonded with his finally. Standing back up i had leaned on him and couldn’t help crying a bit. What a wonderful…chaotic day…soon enough we were off to the reception, people were dancing and taking photos of the cake and us the bride and groom, people were setting presents on the gift table.  I had slithered over to the cake when Dusk came behind me, grabbing the knife to cut the cake he had grabbed my hand and cut it with me, after i took a small piece of cake and fed it to my new husband, chuckling he had done the same, we had danced a bti. (Which being a lamia i had no rhythm.!!) But anyway, after the reception we had gotten in the car and went off to our honeymoon!


Chapter 11:

Another Bundle of Joy! Meet Ray the Prince of Hell!

A couple months later i had felt alone since Dusk was on his trip fighting many demons. Once he had came back i was so joyful that we ended up having intercourse..what a wild night..!! Soon he had gone back to the Inn and began fighting people again, but one day after about 6 months of not knowing i had figured out that i was pregnant..!!! Wow!! I had been ecstatic and quickly rushed to Dusk, seeing he was stressed i wanted to make him happier, so i told him that we were having a baby!! As i had figured out i was the Queen of Hell as well we were having a prince!


Chapter 12:

The Prince’s Birth!

One day i had been leaning on Dusk, when fighting had begun, but i was in a grumpy mood, so i was getting stressed, soon i had felt a lot of pain and whimpered..soon looking down i had saw blood, getting Dusk we had hurried to our house and a few hours latter there was our Prince Ray, laying in his fathers arms squirming around. Smiling i had soon passed out and slept the rest of the night.


Chapter 13:

A Few Months Later A Secret Princess?

It has been a Few months now Ray is 4 months old, he’s growing up so fast..!! Makes me wanna cry, but during on of those nights me and Dusk had had intercourse..yes again..!! After that night i had figured out i’m pregnant again..Gosh we should’ve protected ourselves. But!! Shh I am keeping it a secret to my husband until he figures out himself!!



My Appearance

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They wouldn’t be secrets if I told you

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Sometimes love isn't meant for people…