Alida Skymoon

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**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Alida “Lilth” Pinkadow



DOB:June 4th

Species:Werewolf, Human Hybrid

Magic:Fire and Thunder

Weapon Of Choice:

Shield Spear of Alida


Who Am I...

Alida The Yin Of The Balance Of Realms

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Jace Orion

My Story Is...

My Birth

It was a late spring night when I was born as my twin had been out a whole minute since he had come out.

The Distance

When I was young,me and my brother were cold to eachother since we both wanted our Father’s attention but I spent my nights listening to my mother tell me stories in her lap by the fireplace.

Fleeing From Shelter

One day it finally happened,My Father snapped and murdered my mother…..The Details made more since why my father had so much hatred for me,Aurora and Mikayla.I ran with Mikayla as my ex-father put Abby to float off for the next 6 years till she reached the beaches of Persistence which I don’t know what happened to her as I left Mikayla with a Man who could care for her.

My New Life

As for me tho,i found myself in the care of a loving woman by the name of Stella Lucyrus.She was a peaceful woman to me and my lil sis:Selena Lucyrus.

Bella’s Father…

I first met my ex-husband:Ice C,I met him in Training camp who I married and had a child with which I lost later.

Alida V. Andrew

Then I died for the first time because my twin got too greedy and killed both me and ice making lose My First Child.

My Reincarnation

It took a few years,about 6-7yrs.Before My slibbings realized I was gone and had the power to bring me which they did

The Damage Of My First Husband

After a couple months of being back alive,My Sister reminded me of Natalie & Bella who were missing as one was my daughter and the other was my twin’s Daughter however..After that,we resumed a Search for the two of them created by my Aunt Rylie who passed away earlier this year.

Bella is my daughter and assumed the identity of someone else till she legally signed over from Bella Lucyrus to Bella Idaryum-Coldstone with her new witch career as we had reuntied

Andrew’s Undeniable Redemption

Natalie evenutally did come back after her father was relived and Argeed to have parental training & traumatic thearby

With Jace Orion

Married on August 29th 20XX,With My Son Inflamed & Goldwings.

Hosted by my older brother:Andrew Pinkadow.

It was amazing when at the end,we revealed it that Angel was expected on July 27th

Bella & Natalie return

After awhile they came back with families of there own. I helped Andrew become a parent and when the war came,he gave Natalie her mother back

Yin & Yang passed down

After Andrew’s retrival from the void of Cadzenziera, and death of Aunt Addie. Now holding a different a title alongside the brother I once fought against.

My Appearance


Brown Hair

Dark Blue Eyes

Guard Outfit:Titanium Tri-Plex Armor Plates with Hageshi Clan Logo on the shoulders

Causal Outfits:Purple/Gray Shirt,Blue Jeans,Normal Shoes

Dragon Form:Red Scales and Wings,Black Claws,A Giantic Scarf





Lockett Of Stella Lucyrus

Spear Of Dreamd

My Secrets Are...

Strength & Willpower are what decide what you do against the emeny

I Believe...

Do it yourself Sololy when needed and ask when you need help