Name • Lilura (enchantment)


Nicknames • Lilly, Lura, Alluring, Allura(alias)


Age • 26 (physically)


Gender • Female


Species • Immortal Magical Human


Romantic Status • Never Married, Heterosexual


Light Magic Aura • Blue


Dark Magic Aura • Red


Familiar • Killua; Winged Lion


Weapons • ‘Claws’, Bow & Arrows, Sword (Soul Weaver)


Occupation • Dancer/Entertainer, Witch


Personality • Lilura is extremely kind and caring, often overbearingly so. Despite her hard comings in life, Lilura has not let her losses darken her heart towards others. (more to come)


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Brief Backstory

       On the planet Fortura an ancient group of warlocks created a female human subspecies, that were extremely beautiful and practically immortal. These women would stop aging once reaching the physical age of twenty-six, were unnaturally beautiful and capable of living for several thousands of years as well as having access to both light and dark magic. They were crafted for the entertainment and pleasure of men originally, many of them living as free people. However, greed took over those who indulged in these women’s affections, taking them as slaves. They became very famously known all over the planet as ‘The Alluring’, due to a strange aura that they radiate – drawing in any stoic and honor-bound man to their bed


       Lilura is the descendant of the first Alluring generation, her soul-bound mother was the second Alluring in all of creation. She was born during the time of Kings and Queens, quickly becoming a common entertainer for the king of her region: Alorum Tiffero. Lilura was drowned in jewels and beautiful clothing by her king, becoming a mistress to him beside his Queen. After about five years of being at his side, she became pregnant with a little girl. The child was born healthy but was quietly smothered by the extremely jealous and infertile Queen the night of her birth. Grief stricken, Lilura ran away from her regional King, hiding away for decades in smaller town and cities, watching time pass her by. 


       Lilura recovered slowly, growing to live on the streets as a dancer, moving around for the entertainment of men without having to give her body away. It was a terrible way of living and she barely made enough to survive, but she did manage. After roughly two hundred years, Lilura resettled in another kingdom, becoming the court entertainer for the king and many of his noblemen. She made a living out of being a personal dancer for many royal figures, up until she awoke in an unfamiliar forest of the planet Hellifyno.



The Alluring aura is extremely intoxicating, often overtaking all senses of men and drawing them in like some kind of prey. Even those bound by honor or marriage vow, they too can be moved by the strange aura that cannot be controlled by the individual Alluring. This same aura can make many – if not all – females aggressive towards the Alluring, often ending in violent outbursts.


Lilura’s species are extremely fertile creatures, making them highly sought out by royals in desperate need of heirs. Not every child birthed by Alluring have the same abilities as the mothers, not even their daughters. It’s unknown how Alluring abilities get passed down. It’s more likely for an Alluring to give birth to a daughter, rather than a son, as Alluring were not bred in the male gender.


Despite their strange abilities and magical affinity, Lilura and all Alluring are in fact Human in species. They are magically embued to have eternal youth, access to magic and increased fertility but this does not make them anything other than a Human. Any descendant from them, unless the father in inhuman, will be fully human in species(even if they are an Alluring)


Fear of future loss prevents Lilura from wanting to be pregnant again. Due to the jealousy and anger that had festered towards her, resulting in the wrongful death of her child, Lilura truly fears facing this type of conflict once more and avoids any connections of this caliber.


Photo of ‘The Claws’


Worn both as ‘gloves’ and as heels


Used for deadly slashing and stabbing.



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Writer is 21+ years old and in a very happy relationship, so please understand any relationship Lilura may be in with someone, does not transfer to the writer’s personal feelings. IN Character does not equal Out of Character. Real-life also always comes first. 


• Since the writer is an adult, some adult themes are roleplayed here. So please be 18+ when roleplaying with me!


• Fantasy, Modern, Angst, Adventure, Romance. There aren’t many genres I am not okay with roleplaying, just ask!