Lily Rain Kishimoto

Who Am I...

I'm just Lily of the Kishimoto, and I'm here for fun!

My Story Is...


Lily was given away at birth. Her mother was a lonely woman, whose husband went away on military tours for years at a time. During one of her husband’s tours, the mother became pregnant with Lily. Scared to lose her husband, and her young son Tenkei; Lily was given away at three days old. From Japan where they lived, Lily was sent all the way to the mainland of China in attempts of the husband never finding out. The infant was left at the steps of the Shaolin Temple, which the monks took her in as one of their own. Throughout her child and adolescent years, Lily was raised in the ways of the monk. She was the youngest monk ever to reach spiritual enlightenment, being as kind hearted and kindred spirited as she was.

Around the age of 15, Lily longed for the family she didn’t know. Though she loved her Shaolin family very dearly, the idea of her real family waiting with open arms excited her. For her travels, the monks blessed Lily with a pair of sacred swords. Twin hook swords with called the powers of the elements to do her bidding. (Over time and meditation Lily brought the blessing from the swords and incorporated them into her very Soul.)

For her search, all she had to go on was her birth name and the country of Japan. Lily made it to the island country and began the search. After a year of false leads and disappointments, she wandered onto a field supposedly owned by a ‘Kishimoto’ family. Upon entering the field, she was met by a boy not too much older than herself. He pointed a firearm in her direction and asked her purpose, which she explained. Upon hearing her name, Tenkei’s mother always let slip that she wanted a daughter to name her ‘Rain’. But at that time his mother had long passed.

After that initial meeting, Tenkei took Lily under his wing, teaching her the ways of combat, training her in real time strategy along with thought over plans. While Tenkei devoted his being into the training and protection of his little sister, Lily trained and studied hard so one day she could make a name for herself.

….That was so long ago now. Both her and her brother had children and eventually would be succeeded by them. Now the entire clan had left, leaving her behind on Hellifyno as the only Kishimoto left.

My Appearance

Lily stands at five feet four inches, contrary to her brother who towers over her with five inches. Her hair is a natural light blue almost sky blue color, which normally reaches just above her shoulders. Lily’s skin is a creamy white, fair but not perfect; she’s spent more time on her training then she has on skincare. She has big blue eyes which are rid of any iris’ (Due to a surgery and genetic splicing her brother preformed on her), which warrant the short girl lots and lots of unwanted attention. Lily normally wears anything as long as it falls into her color schemes of blues and whites, but she randomly decides to throw on other colors at times. The only thing that is static with the girl is her shoes, specially made black converse.


Weapon Name: Shirayuki

Weapon Type: Knuckle Blades/ Zanpakuto

Weapon Affinity: Wind

Weapon Sealed Description: The entire weapon is tinted a dark blue, the sharpened edges of the weapon a shiny silver. The Zanpakuto is seven inches from tip to tip, four finger holes separated one inch apart for Lily to weave her fingers through, a three inch blade extends from the ends of the weapon. A sharpened edge running along the top of the entire Knuckle Blade.

Incantation To Release First Form: “Race to the finish! Shirayuki!”

Weapon Release Description: A slick blue like energy which incorporations wind constantly pounding into itself to create an infinitely sharpening blade. Can be extended to any size depending on how much energy Lily feeds into the weapon

Weapon Spirit: Lily has gotten glimpses of her Zanpakuto spirit, but cannot fully explain what she’s seen. Therefore she can only use her Shikai to its most basic extent.

I Believe...

While the goal is love and peace, the opposite has to exist for the former to exist.