Celest Callisi


The kid is finally back…

Goodbye cold blooded assassin

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

No clue…

My Story Is...

He wasn’t originally a cold blooded assassin, but instead the opposite.  Specter was a carefree swordsman who always put his friends before himself which eventually changed after the love of his life left him.  Dropping down into deep depression, he never recovered and forever remained shattered, fragmented.  Until a day after he confronted Asialyn who helped him turn normal.  Ever since he has been recovering although, still not sure what to do.  Later on Cress was turned into a girl by a mysterious spell that vanished after the effect.

My Appearance

Black Hood

Golden Hair

Blue Eyes

Age: 16

Height: 5’9

Temporarily Female due to a spell



-Masamune Replica

-Fist Tech.

Air Render- Attacks the opponent with an aggressive blow utilizing air to hit them from a distance

Far Fist- Creates a tremor with an aggressive fist utilizing air

Backdraft- Lights fist on fire to punch extra hard(may suffer self damage from fire)

Air Blast- Focuses and releases a blast of wind from hands

Earth Render- Releases aggression using earth energy to create a shockwave

Riot Blade- A Limit Break ability taught to Celest by Terra Branford, Shoots crescent shaped beams from weapon

Magic Tech.

White Wind: Generates a stream of soothing air/Eases pain and relaxes target

Phantasm Skill: “Target all” magic with the use of illusions to harm damage targets-Freezeblink, Prominence, Tempest, Soil Evidence, Star Cross, Stardust, Deluge, Wild Tornado

Lamia Soul: Turns into a Lamia

Red Panther Soul: Turns into a red panther, human hybrid

Support Tech

-Conjure Darkness: Increases physical strength but saps away portions of heal slowly

Counter Tech

-Last Haste: When at near death status physical speed increases tremendously

-Bonecrusher: Intense counterattack consisting of a major blow to the face with a sword


My Secrets Are...

She was originally female at birth, but his parents didn’t prefer to raise only female children so they modified him changing his anatomy into that of a male’s.

Spectrophobia- Fear of her own reflection, due to past regrets and sins