Lin O'Romeo

Intro Video



Who Am I...

a young girl who has wings and amniasa. part of the Marie family

Romantic Interests

…guys??? idc

Relationship Status

who cares!!

My Story Is...

i was created and raised between labs and abusive homes. im very thin as i was rarely feed and i fear everyone equally. I was adpoted after getting thrown into a portal and landing on  one of the hellifyno ships. i came with a very little but ive grown and im getting stringer happy here.

My Appearance

5’9, blonde hair with green tips and a huge blue hoodie and jeans. several scars over her face neck arms and shoulder, aswell as on eyes missing and replaces by just a black eye. massive black and blue raven wings on her back are normally hidden under her hoodie. she has a black binder mark on her left wrist left from the man who threw her into the portal.



My Secrets Are...

…i hate light

I Believe...

everyone has demons….