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My name is Asim I was an Egyptian boy before I wound up in a museum  where a certain object caught my eye. A sparkling obsidian black khopesh. Odd because I had never heard off a black khopesh they were normally copper or bronze colored. Suddenly an urge o grab the sword engulfed me like a shadow. I reach out and in the split second of when I touched the sword I saw all the memories off something. Horus the son of Ra banishing me  the fight of my life and then blackness. I awoke and I no longer looked like my self. There I stood surrounded by a black aura with a head shaped like an anteater and the black khopesh in my hand. I had become a vessel for the evilest most ancient god of them all. I was now a warrior with the power of Set the god of destruction and deceit. I was now one of the most powerful beings known to  humanity

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Teenage boy dark skin 5’10 around 15 years old sometimes encased in black aura of Set


The Khopesh of Set


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