little angel

Intro Video


Hello my name is little angel I love to read ,sing,and go to the upperoom
I want Everyone to know they are worth more than gold :3 and I will do whatever it takes to show compassion to anyone and forgive me if I sound T^T even if it coast me everything I will,and are welcome to role play anything

Who Am I...

cat angel

Romantic Interests

I love anyone no matter what :3

Relationship Status

use to date someone but was cheated on…..

My Story Is...

When I was a little kitten my mom was trying to hide me from something or from someone,then before I could do anything my mom put me in a box and told me to wait for her till she comes back,then she went away running,then I heard footsteps I saw a shadow figure running towards her,I heard in horror my mom meowing in fear then I heard a bang,I went up from the hiding spot and saw her on the ground not moving at all I looked up and the figure grabbed I was crying for help but the figure smirked at me then ran off with me,the figured took me to a place called the experimentnet vet I saw a women in lab coat with pink hair and blue eyes the figured gave me to her and she said(yes the boss will be happy to see this)she then took me somewhere the rest of it is bad but something good happend while I was  the cell I saw s book not used It was called the bible after I read it I was more happier In that Darkest time :3

My Appearance

ginger hair,halo,angel wings,green eyes,and a tail with a bow


sandal of pain,aid kit

My Secrets Are...

Forgive me if I sound rude but I kinda wanna keep them to myself sorry T^T

I Believe...

that compassion is the greatest that humans has to offer