little angel

Intro Video


The girl I have a crush on intro by frad/Hi my name is little angel I love to read,sing,and go to my favorite place the upperoom,I want everyone to know their worth more than gold and do what it takes to show them love and forgive me if I sound rude T^T and are welcome to role play anything they want :3

Who Am I...

Angel cat

Romantic Interests

I love everyone no matter what :3

Relationship Status

I use to date someone till one day….it was all fake love

My Story Is...

When I was a little kitten My mom who was a cat as well was rushing to hide I didn’t know why but then my mom stop she was in a alley she saw a box and rush me towards it,once I was but in the box my mom told  me to stay till she comes back,before she ran off I heard running footsteps coming towards her,I didn’t know what was going on till I heard her crying and meowing the stranger was saying be quiet to my mom but she wouldn’t but then all of a sudden I heard a gun shot I was afraid to look but having wondrous mind I look any and I horror I saw her body on the floor not breathing or moving the figure was just standing there with a smile on his face I was about to move till he spotted me I try to run away but he caught I was meowing for help The stranger was trying to make me be quiet but I wouldn’t,he couldn’t take it anymore so he went to a closer place to get rid of me and he found a place called (Vetlab123) he took me there once we entered it set off a lot of alarms it showed pictures of animal bones the women at the desk had Pink hair and purple eyes and a lab coat with a bit of blood she was looking at the stranger with pleased face and took me from the strangers hand the rest was bad but then one day there was a book called a bible When I started to read it my entire life started to become hope,one day I was in a cell cause they were using us as experiments the guard forgot to lock my cell door so I decided to seek out it was hard cause they had a lot of  guards but somehow I escaped without being seen I left through the doors like it was nothing but before I could walk any further I saw clothes all nice and folded up and left with a note sayin(you may have escaped but once I find you again and bring you here I will be paid double to bring a experiment until then)years later I am now 20.

My Appearance

hair and length : Ginger and length 16 and wears hair down/height:5’4

eye color:green/wears and has:white long sweater shoulder and light blue long jeans/cat ears/halo and angel wings/tail with a bow and age 20



Bible,aid kit,and sandal

My Secrets Are...

forgive me if i sound rude But I want to keep them to my self T^T

I Believe...

That compassion is the greatest gift that humans has to offer