Moonstone Farelyn



Has a super loud bark that will stun anybody near her for a short period of time. However, she is also stud momentarily because of the force and sheer power that is used.

Who Am I...

My name isMoonstone! Im 19.

Romantic Interests

Males and Females

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Im half wolf, half girl and can switch forms at will. My mother would often abuse me, causing me to have depression and anxiety. She acquired her powers when she was a young pup, wandering far away from her den to find a mysterious creature lurking about. She would bark at it, and before she could react or much less, attack, it lunged at her, putting her in a deep trance as it performed a mysterious and eerie spell. She woke up 5 days later, Her throat feeling scratched and raw. She barked in pain, but it came out louder than expected, blowing her back a few feet. That is when she acquired her power and she is still grasping just how to gain control over it.

My Appearance

In human form, I am 5’6, fit but skinny with pale bleu eyes and almost white hair. I often wear loose clothing but hate dresses. In wolf form, I am a beautiful white wolf with pale blue eyes and distinct grey markings on my back.


A blue worn down t shirt with heavy leather pants, A weathered, old book, in the pocket of the pants.

She carries around a mysterious glowing orb the size of a raindrop, not quite knowing how she acquired it.

My Secrets Are...

When I change back into a human after being a wolf, I lose my clothes, making me naked whenever I change back to a human.

I Believe...

That I have a hidden past that I have yet to discover.