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I was born in a different world, different place. I was born in a place called The isle. The Isle isn’t something or somewhere you’d want to be; Its filled with very bad people and I’m one of those people along with my parents. My mother’s name is Marissa, she’s a witch and my father’s name is Eric he’s a sorcerer.  Before I was born they used to take over places such as Mora, Longca and New mordrak. My parents will side by side and someone put them in the aisle and locked away the key. That’s when they realized they were pregnant with me my name is Hayden and I’m a witch.

At a young age I learned that he cast spells, and I’ll admit some of them weren’t pretty Poison people I’ve hurt people I’ve destroyed families. So I’m not going to lie but I can honestly say it never felt so right to be so bad. That’s when I was nine. My mother and father taught me it was either be evil or perish. Of course benign I knew I had to do what I had to do.

At 16 I was able to run away and leave the aisle. For some reason I had some sort of conscience and I regret a lot of the things I did I didn’t want to kill people I didn’t want to hurt people even innocent people it was wrong. So I ran away.

At 19 I’m still technically running away I have built some sort of cottage in the woods but I normally don’t stay long.

My Appearance

Height: 5’3

Age: 19

Weight: 160

My boobs: 46DD

My body type: curvy

  • Flying broom
  • Magic wand
  • Dragon ball