Who Am I...

Stranded Alien

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My Story Is...

Kidnapped from her homeworld, Luqori, by space-faring pirates that killed her family, Uyqi eventually crash landed on a new world filled with creatures unlike anything she’d ever seen…


After months of acclimating to her new home, Uyqi has gotten quite accustomed to everything around her, even the mannerisms of these odd people that walk on two legs and talk with the same mouths they eat out of. She’s even found a few odd jobs to buy herself new things, such as clothing, food, and trinkets to help make her room at the Red Sun Inn a bit more like home.


She spends most of her time at the shores, though, enjoying the waters that remind her of where she came from, but her mind is only on building a future for herself. Her current job is creating jewelry from shells and other items she finds at the bottom of the sea.