Vesper Lockheed

Who Am I...

A freelance pilot

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born and raised terran. I grew up on an unremarkable planet in the fringe world colonies.


My dad taught me everything I know about hardware. I loved being elbow deep in grease and wires ever since I was an anklebiter.


My mum on the other hand was the weapon specialist in our family unit. Former military, decorated veteran. She taught me a thing or two. I also inherited her enhanced genetics.


There isn’t any drama in my story really. One day I just wanted to leave the dusty desert that was Gamma-64H and explore the universe.

My Appearance


Height: 1.72m

Weight: 59kg

Eye color: brown

Hair color: currently red



My most important asset is my ship. The LSF Vagrant.


While the main strenght lies in it’s speed and maneuverability both in atmospheric and Zero G conditions, it’s fully capable of holding it’s own in a skirmish. It has a cloaking device and extended transmission ranges as the LSF class was originally intended as military scouting vessels.


Many decomissioned frigates of this type are prized by smugglers for their speed and cunning.


I Believe...

In karma.