Logan Patten

Who Am I...

Well that's a tough question to start off an interview with isn't it? I'm still trying to figure out who I am exactly. But if you mean my name then, I am Logan Patten son of Travis Patten.

Romantic Interests

I'm heterosexual. Sorry fellas.

My Story Is...

My story? Well I was born in a very large city. This city was a gold mine. Quite literally in fact. So needless to say, the people that lived in the surrounding area were quite rich. But there was something more to this gold than met the eye. This gold was somehow magic. It gave the person who was holding it magical abilities and it varied on the gold piece. Some were put up with labels in stores and others were fir strictly military personnel only. One day my father, who worked at BetterFuture Labs, took me on a tour of his place. This place was meant to better understand the reason behind the magic and to try and extract it and place it in a person. As my father was distracted by a fellow colleague a sign caught my eye. “Extracting Process”. I poked my head in to look and what I saw filled me with terror. A poor man was strapped down, kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs. As a nan in a lab coat walked over to the man and patted his head he said “You’re helping us. To build a better future.” Then a big machine came down with a needle protruding from it. The man’s voice was hoarse as he screamed but it got even louder as the needle stuck into his chest. The man began glowing all over as he screamed more and more, then instantaneously….the glow was gone. And the man was dead. As I looked on in horror a hand gripped my shoulder. A guard. He pushed me into the room. “Got another subject here for you Doc. Caught him watching. Maybe he wants to try.” The man smiled as the guard strapped me to the very table the dead man had just been in. “Necromancy. That should be fun for you if it works. Which you should know we’ve had no success. But there’s a first time for everything.” It felt like forever as the machine whirred abd the essence was extracted from the gold. Unfortunately the time had come abd the machine came down. In those seconds before the needle made contact I heard four words “For a better future.” The pain the seared through my body was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. And the time, it dragged on and on while I begged for death. Then finally, sweet release. The doctor was astonished. Hus little experiment had worked. That’s it. I dont want to talk about anything beyond thus point……

My Appearance

Well, mostly dark clothing. Blue eyes, brown hair. Not much after that really. I can however tell you some fun facts about myself. I’m somewhat of a philosopher, antisocial, I’m a compulsive liar, very violent, artistic, an avid reader, and I absolutely love tea. Oh and I have no religion. No I’m not atheist. I’m agnostic.


Oooooh I’ve been waiting for you to ask me this. I carry with me a glaive, for when I myself need to get up close and personal. But for the most part I have the undead do my bidding for me. I have command over every dead thing be it from this earth or the any other.

My Secrets Are...

Well why the hell would I tell you that? Then they wouldn’t be secrets and the question would become a paradox.

I Believe...

I told you I'm agnostic. Oooooh you mean like morally? Ok. Well um I…i dont really know. If you hang out with me I guess you'll find out.