Intro Video


Life is a beast, love is the arena and trust is the slayer.

Who Am I...

A outcast

Romantic Interests

Very much straight

Relationship Status

I met a guy…he is different but cool.

My Story Is...

My parents were drug dealers to the I was practically raised by a pitbull named Bud. My parents were hardly there so I raised my sister, but she was murdered because of my parents. Long story short¬† I live on my grandfather’s farm. I am around 20, or sorta, maybe 19…I stopped counting. 5 foot (bite sized women are cute), nothin’ special.

My Appearance


Long brown hair with blond highlights that reaches down to my hips. My eyes are black in most light but turn a murky green when I am angry. I usually wear a black draw string hoodie with jeans and chuck taylor high tops. I carry a violin most of the time as well as a Swiss army knife. Curvaceousish, nothing to behold


a violin…I don’t have much.

I Believe...

You must be afraid to be brave.