prince alois trancy

Intro Video


hello im prince alois trancy now bow down and kiss my ass hahahah

name: alois tancy

gender: male

sexuality: gay

fav animal: spider

crush: none

best friend: none

dislike: being alone

personality: happy/evil/horny/bitchy/bad/sassy

fav things: boys/demons/dances/spiders/

skills: dancing/fighting/

demon prince

powers: specks to animals/if he touches something or someone they or it  dies/demon and black magic/shape shift/vampire/

all i have for now hahaha and im always up for a rp

Who Am I...

alois trancy the lord of trancys

Romantic Interests

anything that makes me happy hehe

My Story Is...

i was just a boy my home and family and the town was burned down everyone was dead i was left by my self then a mean man took me in and beat me and hurt me and did other things but one day i called on a demon he works as my butler then i became the lord of all

My Appearance shorts boots a purple cote me its what my profile pic looks like meh


fancy stuff

My Secrets Are...

my mind is a dangers place to go

I Believe...

i believe that everyone will find love

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