Balance is a constant, except where total chaos reigns. Even in death, there is a balance, a cosmic order. Not all worlds or realities held this balance, but most did. In the universe created by the three controllers, this balance was held between the Great Death Clans and the Immortal beings known to some as the Phoenelle. The Death Clans consisted of dark beings charged with protecting the course of death, be it natural or un-natural. They kept the balance between the two, making sure that the souls of the dead were properly ushered to the place in the afterlife their belief system dictated.

For the Phoenelle, named for the Great Eternal Phoenix that was their origin, their responsibility lay in making sure the souls returned to the cycle where they are properly reborn as their belief system dictated, by how they lived their prior lives, or by what kind of being they were. Different rules applied to different beings. Some were returned to the cycle to be reborn as someone, or something different. Others held a kind of immortality that allowed them to be reborn soon after death, and in the exact place, and body they died in. Over the course of countless eons, The Death Clans, and The Phoenelle protected this balance with their vast power.

Every now and then a member of the Death Clan or a Phoenelle would go rogue and disrupt the balance. Sometimes another powerful being would interfere with the Great Cycle. In these instances, the warriors of the Death Clan, and Phoenelle Hunters would be charged with destroying the anomaly, and returning the balance. In extreme cases Eden, The Mother Of Life, and one of the three controllers would unleash the Blood God Crimson, her Lord of Order, and his Blood Knights Of Avalon to set the balance right again. This was a rare occurrence, and the cycle remained largely untouched. At least until Eden’s brother Yjarl, Father of the Abyss, another of the Three Controllers, decided to step in and have some ‘Fun’.

As always, Yjarl’s ultimate goal was to return the universe to complete darkness, the abyss that existed before the third controller God, Father of Light illuminated it, and Eden filled that illumination with life. One of Yjarl’s most potent powers was the corruption of his sibling’s creations, and this time he chose the Great Eternal Phoenix itself, gathering its ashes just before it’s fiery rebirth and corrupting them with his darkness. When the Phoenix was reborn this time, it was as a dark, twisted, and evil incarnation of its former self, oozing with corruption and sickness. Being the source of the Phoenelle’s power, it quickly began to twist and corrupt them as well, turning them into slaves of Yjarl and his new Abyssal Great Phoenix.

Though almost all of the Phoenelle were corrupted or wiped out, the Great Phoenelle elders were able to isolate the soul of the Simurgh, daughter of the Phoenix, and the being that would give birth to a being who would rise to replace The Great Eternal Phoenix should something happen to it. They encased it’s power, essence, and soul in a golden Egg and hid it among Eden’s children until the day it would come into its power and hatch, cleansing the Phoenelle of Yjarl’s taint. Until then, the cycle of rebirth was passed into the charge of Lord Angel Kadima and his Saints, who would work with the Death Clan to keep the balance until the day the Phoenelle could return to glory.

Though Yjarl’s creatures hunted for the egg, they were not able to find it, for it had been hidden within the realm of Eden itself, in the great city that held her Garden that had been the cradle of all life, Eden’s Crossing. The Egg was entrusted to two of Eden’s most trusted beings. The first was Zoelle, one of Eden’s greater seeds and her Empress of Eternal Flame. The other was Zoelle’s husband Scott McCall, a former human who had been thrown onto a path of chaos that had led him to become Eden’s King of Wolves, and Firmament Knight, protector of the Empress of Eternal Flame. Together the two of them cared for the Golden Egg until one day they were ready to have a child of their own. Because of their strong bond with the egg, when they tried to have a child, the egg, which had been placed within a seal of void flames, Zoelle’s most sacred flames, was summoned to her womb.

To their surprise, Zoelle was pregnant for one hundred and eight months. When she finally gave birth their son, Leviticus was brought into the world blessed by Eden herself. To their surprise, because of his parents, Leviticus was born a Phoenix of Myriad Flames. He was capable of wielding his mother’s void flame, which held the power of celestial evolution and from his father Scott, Leviticus was gifted with the power of Origin, a power that could take aspects of all things, and adapt it to the holder’s will. This caused Leviticus’ void flames to take on the aspects of almost all matter and energy. Each aspect he absorbed with his power of Origin, and evolved using his power of celestial evolution gave birth to a different kind of flame, each with it’s own distinct color.

He could wield green flames that took on the aspects of nature, azure flames that took on the aspects of water, white flames that took on the aspects of life, black flames that took on the aspects of shadow, as well as many others. Leviticus was raised with much love and affection by not only his parents, but also Eden’s other children. They trained him in the ways of the world, and in the usage of his abilities. Leviticus grew to not only hold a sense of great responsibility, and an even greater compassion, but he had been free enough to become his own person. He was an artist, a musician, and a writer. He drew inspiration for his talents, as well as his power from everything around him, adapting it to his imagination, and bringing forth great works.

Though at first glance, most saw him as an aloof and charismatic being who loved life, he had also been trained to be a guardian of Eden, one of her protectors. This was not only to give him purpose, but also to ready him for a time in the future when he would have to face his twisted and corrupted ancestor, for it would be his destiny to destroy him and give rise to the Phoenelle once again. When the time came, Leviticus would be ready. Until then, however, he would live his life free and unrestrained.

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