Who Am I...

I am a great mage. My true name I shall not tell you, for names hold power. I wear the garb of a plague doctor to collect samples of every imaginable disease for experimentation. Now go away, I have work to do.

My Story Is...

He coughed lightly, moving away from the carcass. He stripped the gloves off his hands and plunges his hands into a viscous black liquid. He grunts as the liquid strips away any potential infective agents, pulling his hands out he slams his fist against the basin clutching the basin.

He had failed again.

“Damn it,” he turned and approached the carcass again. “I am sorry, but it was needed for the treatment to work. You have provided me with lots of new data.” He turns and leaves the room closing the metal door with a resounding crash. No need to dispose of the body.

My Appearance

He is 6 feet tall.

He has a lean, but well-defined look.

He possesses various scars and marks upon his flesh.

His eyes were red and smoldered faintly…..

  • Various surgical tools.
  • A black grimoire
  • A set of black Kusarigama (sickles with chains)
  • A Stiletto dagger
  • an advanced Alchemist set
  • A notebook
  • A willow sapling (he cherishes this above all)
  • An assortment of masks
My Secrets Are...

He used to be a Changeling, but after many horrible experiments, he is now an abomination. A scientific wendigo, that craves flesh and is always starving.

He controls this by various potions he makes to suppress the Hunger and is always cloaked in a heavy cloak that is a part of his body.