Isaac Trueheart

Who Am I...

a traveler of the ages

Romantic Interests

straight as an arrow m8

My Story Is...

I was once a most powerful being, full of hate and rage. Until one day, a girl unlike any other, changed me, saved me from the monster that I was. I now roam the realms, a time traveler if you will, wandering around and saving people when I can… and maybe get a drink or two…

My Appearance

I am a young man, roughly 21 years old, with sandy blonde hair and deep blue, almost purple eyes. I wear a white tunic and a dark cloak that was the only thing left behind from my past self…


I carry with me my trusty time vortex manipulator, a dagger, a 44. magnum revolver, and a gillie, which is an intelligent bio computer capable of hacking any and all known electrical systems

I Believe...

That no matter how terrible someone is or was, there's always room for good in their hearts