Growing up, Puck came across total and complete greatness twice. Not just normal, regular greatness.  No. We’re talking about that fairy tale legend, once in a life time greatness.  Except twice!  The first time Puck had come across such greatness was when he caught his own reflection on the calm surface of Avalon Lake while the sun was at it’s highest arc.  Goddamn he’d looked so awesome!  He’d ALWAYS known that he’d been born for greatness, but never had he been more sure than that moment.  He was so sexy!  Now the SECOND time he’d come across true greatness had been a far more dire situation. Puck had grown up as one of a long line of Courtless.  He didn’t even remember how far back it was that his family were apart of any of the Fae courts, so he had no real grasp of any of their dealings.  Even by Fae standards, Puck was a true trickster, so much so that he’d make even Loki proud.  A master of illusion magics, even at a young age, Puck had taken full advantage of that fact and created mischief almost every chance he got. Sometimes just to poke fun at family and friends, other times to seriously fuck up the day of someone he didn’t care for.  One day, however, he bit off more than he could chew.

While out and about in the forests, Puck happened upon a group of Unseelie traders from the Autumn Court.  Thinking it would be great to have a bit of fun at their expense, Puck created the illusion of a raid on their shipment, causing the Autumn Fae to scatter in an attempt to protect the shipment.  In their confusion, Puck sneaked into their midst and uncovered the shipment, planning to sabotage it for further mischief.  Too late, however, he found out that it was no normal shipment, but the kidnapping of a human girl who seemed to have some kind of high standing, probably a noble’s daughter.  Shocked, he didn’t have the time to react to the trained soldiers returning after quickly realizing their attackers were only illusion. Trapped, Puck was resigned to his fate until the Autumn Fae were set upon by very real attackers in the form of a Courtless hunting party led by a young Fae named Oberon.  Puck had never met him, but he’d heard the stories. He watched the way Oberon directed the hunters, they way he used both cleverness and strength to over power the more seasoned Fae, saving both Puck and the human girl.  This was the second time Puck had witnessed true greatness.

It hadn’t been a monumental victory, but Puck couldn’t help but realize that there was truly something great about Oberon.  If the young Fae had tits, Puck would have fallen in love at first sight!  He’d made due with eternal companion though!  At first it was all for personal gain.  If he stuck with Oberon, surely Puck’s own greatness would be multiplied beyond limit!  Thinking Puck had attacked the Autumn Fae alone to save the girl, though in later years Puck would reveal the truth behind his presence there to Oberon to great amusement, Puck and Oberon became fast friends.  Returning the girl to her family and warning the nobles of the Autumn Fae’s plot, Puck returned to their own lands along with Oberon’s hunting party and from that day forward they were companions.  Over the years Puck came to see Oberon not just as some social enhancement, but as a true friend, and brother.  They had many adventures, with Puck risking his life for his friend, and vice versa.  The most epic of those adventures happening when they met the young warrior Siegfried and helped him take down the dragon Fafnir.  They even saved an armored maiden called Brunnhilde in the process!  How great was that!?  During that same adventure though, Puck received a great ancient treasure that had seemingly been waiting for him to claim it.

That treasure came with not only the promise of great power in the future, but a fate that would see him become truly important in the life of his friend and brother Oberon.  When Brunnhilde first told him that Oberon would truly need him one day, he thought nothing of it.  Of course he’d always be by his brother’s side!  However the gravity of what Brunnhilde told him was not ignored.  After taking the artifact into himself, he could feel it’s power, the power of Gaea’s Harp that would one day give him control over all of the elements, he had dreams of the future, though they were only shadows.  He couldn’t make out anything truly specific, but he knew that when Oberon needed him the most, he would have to make a decision that would change him forever.  Even so, he would do it.  He had never truly felt anything for anyone besides his family, never had any real friends or siblings until Oberon.  Then the fateful day came when Oberon’s family was murdered by allies of the Summer Queen, and Puck knew that this was a moment where Oberon would have to choose a path that would change him.  What bothered Puck, however, was that THIS wasn’t THE moment that Brunnhilde had foresaw, or the one he dreamed about.  Sometime in the future, Oberon would be faced with an even darker path, and Puck would be sure to be there.  No matter what.

After allying with the Blood God of Avalon, Crimson Vellos and his Blood Knights, both Puck and Oberon were able to unlock the next level of their gifts.  For Puck after mastering the powers of the elements, his power evolved allowing him to manipulate the fundamental forces of the world.


Fundamental Force Manipulation: Puck is able to manipulate the four fundamental forces that govern the world: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear and weak nuclear. He can use them to grant himself power that exists on the world to himself including, but not limited to, inertia, friction, acceleration and attraction. Puck can also combine these powers to create even more powerful techniques and abilities.


Gravity Manipulation:  Manipulating gravity for various purposes, ranging from lifting unbelievably heavy and dense objects such as mountains large structures, hills, even mountains as well as use it to redirect attacks to his opponent by bending space around him using gravity.


Velocity Manipulation: Puck is able to manipulate the velocity of any moving person or object, including himself, speeding up, slowing down, or stopping almost anything he concentrates on.


Friction Manipulation: Manipulating frictional force enables Puck to slip out of any bindings, holds and physical attacks. He can also increase the friction of himself, others, or objects he comes into contact with to other various effects.

Inertia Manipulation: By increasing his body’s resistance to change in its state of motion, Puck can use a minimum amount of physical strength to deal high damaging blows to his enemies.


Electromagnetic Manipulation: While his power over the elements allowed him to control lightning, this ability allowed him to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum itself such as creating electromagnetic fields, manipulating magnetic force.


Weak Force Manipulation: Using the very force that decays nuclear particles, Puck can destroy almost any form of matter.


Attraction and Repulsion: Puck can use this to pull someone or something to him or push it back at will. In combat he can use it to pull someone to him then use repulsion to augment his attacks.


Strong Force Manipulation: By manipulating the very force that binds proton and Neutron together in atomic nuclei, Puck can imitate the state of nuclear fusion inside stars to create a gigantic ball of nuclear energy.

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