Solomon had never had any true desire to be a king. Not at first anyway. He’d been born the second son of David and Bathsheba in Jerusalem, to a line of great prophets to which he would one day be heir to. Growing up, though, the only thing Solomon truly wanted was knowledge and wisdom. To him, knowledge was power, and the wisdom to understand and use that knowledge was the key to true, absolute power. Solomon had never minded not being the chosen heir to his father as King, however when he realized that being king could very well further his reach across the lands in his search for knowledge, he began to plot with his mother and the prophet Nathan to convince his father to name Solomon heir to the throne. They succeeded in this, and Solomon was named heir, despite having older brothers. When Solomon finally became king, he purged his father’s administration, knowing that many of them would potentially betray him, and never understand the things he would do as king.

To this end, he appointed many of his friends, and those he trusted to key positions, both political and religious, and began to put into motion his plans for expansion. He grew his kingdom’s military, expanding outward and focused on major trade posts, building them along the kingdom’s borders and beyond. Though his people praised him for the way he expanded his kingdom, his reasons for such were known only to he and a select few. He used this new expansion, and trade industry to attain more and more knowledge, be it in the form of foreign texts, stories, anything that would feed his hunter, even if it went against the will of God. His enemies sought to use his lack of respect for the realm of God against him, however his people had already begun to look more towards their king for leadership and guidance than God, and so his enemy’s words fell mostly upon deaf ears. Jerusalem continued to prosper beneath Solomon’s leadership with him becoming one of the richest Kings in his line’s history, and their king continued on his quest for knowledge.

It wasn’t until he used his wealth to build the first Temple that the attention of the higher powers began to turn towards him, for he did not build the temple for God, but for the pursuit of knowledge. Still, Solomon remained largely unchallenged. Solomon took 700 wives and 300 concubines, each of them because they presented to him a piece of knowledge, a story, or cultural information that he found irresistible and full of potential in providing clues to knowledge that was considered forbidden or taboo. When he began to delve deeper into some of that forbidden knowledge he came across a truth so profound, and earth shattering that it would spell the end of his prosperous kingdom. One of his wives provided him stories and lore pertaining to the Garden of Eden, though not usual stories told of Adam and Eve, and the beginnings of humanity at the hands of God. This lore spoke of Eden herself, not God, being the creator of not just the human race, but all life. Solomon followed the breadcrumbs and strains of story and lore, spending years, digging and searching until he happened upon an ancient tablet that held information leading to a place where he would find the truth he searched for.

The tablet lead him to what would come to be known as The Dragon’s Vein, a vast opening in the earth that lead deep within it. Following the path alone, Solomon was met with many challenges, both physical and mental. He faced beasts that he could never have imagined, besting them, as well as using his mind to defeat many puzzles that blocked his way forward. Finally he was met by a seemingly human guardian who presented themselves as a child of Eden called an Eden Seed, who once again tested him, though this time it was his heart. Once more Solomon passed the test, proving his heart and his journey for knowledge to be pure, he was allowed into Eden. here he was met with a beauty beyond imagining, an completely different world from the one he’d left when entering the Dragon’s Vein. The Garden of Eden was an entire world on it’s own, set apart from the one the human’s walked upon. Not only that, but she was alive. While she did not take a human form, she spoke to him in a human voice, leading him to a large tree, inviting hi to sit beneath it, which he did.

There his hunger for knowledge was matched by Eden’s own. She longed for stories of her children, their different lore, legends, and histories. His quest for knowledge had instilled within him a great mental library of stories, all of which he told to Eden. When she was satisfied, she rewarded him with a story of her own. Her story, and the truth behind the creation of humanity. She told him how she was not a creation of God, but his sibling, one of two. She told Solomon of how the three of them had existed in primordial darkness until God created light, wanting to show his sister Eden something besides darkness. Overjoyed with her brother’s gift, she created life in this light he had provided, and gave them realms of their own to live and evolve in. However their other sibling, Yjarl who had belonged to the darkness before the light more than either of his siblings saw that the life Eden had created could potentially grow powerful enough to upset the balance the three of them held, and even hurt Eden herself. To this end, Yjarl began to work to return all of existence to the darkness to protect his sister.

God, The Father of Light, and the Angels, half agreed with his brother’s intent, but chose instead to create a light so intense that it burned away the life Eden had created, leaving nothing but his beautiful light, and his sister unharmed. For either of them to succeed, they needed to harness the great power held by the life Eden had created, and thus God and his Angels spread the stories of creation over the realms of man, seeking to gain their eternal worship. Yjarl sought power in the darkness held within man’s heart, using it against them, drawing them away from the light and into the shadows where he would use them to bring the living realms to an end. Over the eons, many battles between light and dark marked the brother’s fight with one another, both seeking to “save” their sister in the name of some twisted love. But no matter what potential they had, Eden loved life, and in response created the Eden Seeds, a group of beings with immense power, to protect her and humanity from her brother’s schemes.

Awed by this story, Solomon felt that the entire journey, and the five days he’d spent sitting beneath Eden’s tree to have been a blessing. With a promise to return to her with any new stories he came across to tell her, Solomon parted ways with Eden, though not before she gave him one final gift. Because of his journey, her brother God would no doubt move against Solomon in retaliation for his betrayal, and to keep him from spreading the truth among man. Eden told Solomon that her brother would not send his Angels against him, but his demons, those who had strayed from God’s light, but yearned to return to it. The gift she gave him at first took the form of a ring that when worn, would protect him from the demons sent to take his life. Upon returning from the Dragon’s Vein, Solomon realized that he had not spent five days sharing stories with Eden, but fifty years. In those fifty years, Jerusalem had fell to ruin, it’s trips splitting off with a large portion of them ruled by one of his own former advisers, Jeroboam and a smaller portion ruled by his son Rehoboam.

Solomon wanted to rush to his son and help him unite the tribes of Jerusalem once more, but knew that it would only lead to ruin as God’s demons would soon be upon him. The first to come for his life was the demon Pan, King of Lust, and the Devil of Reproduction. Pan sent his succubus slaves after him first, taking the form of some of his favorite former wives and concubines to seduce him into death’s clutches. However, the ring gifted to him by Eden proved it’s worth by not only protecting him, but allowing him to gain full control over the succubi, drawing in Pan himself who attacked Solomon in a rage. When they clashed, the ring glow with a blinding light, and absorbed into Solomon’s flesh. He touched Pan with his hand, and brought Pan to his knees, now under Solomon’s control. Solomon’s ring had given him power over demons, even greater demons such as Pan. God sent twelve more demons after Solomon in hopes of destroying him.

Each demon was a greater demon, a King or Queen, and all of them fell beneath Solomon’s control through both physical and mental battle. The ring gave Solomon the physical strength to hold the vast power of these demons, and as a side effect gave him the power to defeat them as well. After the thirteenth demon was defeated, they stopped coming, for Solomon had become far too powerful, now having control of each and every one of the 13 and dominion over their power. Solomon didn’t strike back at God though, instead he used his power to continue his quest for knowledge. Now immortal, his travels took him to many new realms, some turning out to be alternate versions of the one he’d left behind. Over his travels he brought many different demons from many different hells under his control, though only those who either sought to harm him, or those that willingly gave themselves over to him for one reason or another.

In one hell he met a female incarnation of Lucifer who did not allow herself to come under his control, but for reasons all her own, decided to join him on many of his journey’s as a partner of sorts, lending her power to him whenever she saw fit. Thus Solomon continued on his never ending quest for knowledge, returning every now and then to share his stories with Eden before continuing his adventures once more.

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