Death is the end of all things. Everything dies. Nothing lasts forever. Even Gods. What happens when a god dies? Truly dies? Ares found out the hard way. He had been the God of War on Olympus for eons. When Olympus went to war, he was the one who led the charge, be it against other Pantheons, or powerful invaders from other realms. However, when the last war for Olympus was fought against God’s Messiah and his host, Ares had already been long dead. A victim of deep seeded revenge. Ares had been haughty, prideful to the point that he took whatever it was he wanted. He waged war for whatever reason he felt, at any given time. He was a God of Conflict and Conquest, who would stand in his way? Little did he know, that one of those conquests would be his final end, but also his true beginning.

When Ares set his eyes on Aphrodite, he didn’t think there would be any opposition. The other Gods didn’t care, except Aphrodite’s husband Hephaestus, and what could that lame black sheep of Olympus do while chained beneath the great mountain of the gods? Nothing that’s what. So Ares courted Aphrodite and made her his. For a while anyway. After long, it was clear that they were not compatable outside of sex, so sex was all they had. But it had been more than enough to stoke the flames or rage and revenge within the God of the Forge. Everything changes. Nothing ever stays the same.

The first god to Change was Apollo, but soon after, Hephaestus also changed. He found something outside of Olympus, something he could strive for, something that reignited the fiery passion within him. He would leave Olympus and the ‘gods’ behind forever, but not until he turned his last remaining regrets and loose ends to dust. The biggest of those loose ends was Ares. Ares had never been liked by his brother, and when he had slept with Aphrodite, Ares had become the focal point for Hephaestus rage and hate. The God of the forge had plenty to rage at, but Ares became the eye of that fiery storm. Once Hephaestus broke his chains, he made his way to the underworld where he made a deal with Persephone, goddess of nature, and wife of Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

In exchange for coming up with a way to free her from the Underworld forever, Persephone provided Hephaestus with the Black Gulgotha, a rare and powerful plant who’s poison could kill even the gods forever. The Black Gulgotha had been born from the negative emotions of the titan Gaea. After the dawn of the Olympian Gods, Gaea wanted to live in peace, and so she poured all of her negative emotions from that war with the Gods into a seed that she planted beneath Mount Olympus and disappeared. Instead of growing up, however, the Gulgotha grew down, making its way to the Underworld where Persephone would realize its importance and cultivate it in her many gardens. When Hephaestus came calling with his deal, Persephone agreed, and traded her freedom for the Black Gulgotha.

Once the deal was made, Hephaestus made his move. He secretly challenged Ares to battle, knowing that the War God would be unable to resist a fight, especially against his lame brother. However, he was surprised to find that Hephaestus was no longer lame. He was hale and powerful, healthy and whole. Only his hate for his brother Ares remained. It was his final chain, and he had to break it. The two gods battled, and much to Ares chagrin, he was defeated. He had known defeat, and it was not something that could put him down forever, however he did not expect the last attack from Hephaestus would be from a specially made blade that had been forged by Hephaestus himself using the Black Gulgotha. The moment he was stabbed, Ares’ physical form was destroyed. The poison from the Black Gulgotha also seeped into his soul, and his godly essence. When Ares was reborn into a new body, he found that his new body was frail and weak, and that his godly essence was leaking out of it. If his godly essence disbursed completely, it would be his final death. No matter what he did, he couldn’t stop his essence from fleeing his body.

Even when he died, he would return again in a frail body with his essence still leaking. He sought out help from the other Gods, but by the time he reached them, Olympus was gone, the war with God’s Messiah having ended the reign of the Olympians forever. With nothing else to be done, Ares finally resigned himself to his fate. It was something he had brought upon himself, he knew, and he had no choice but to face his punishment. He lived out his remaining lives in peace. He lived as a farmer, a merchant, a beggar, even a slave. Each life drained more and more of his godly essence until he was finally down to his last life. He knew that with this final death, his essence would be fully dispersed, and he would perish forever. As he neared his final breaths, Ares prepared to close his eyes for the final time, and just before he did, a great golden light flashed before him, bright and alive just before that final shadow cascade over him and he died.

Though he had resigned himself to his final fate, against all odds, Ares found himself reborn once again. Not only was he reborn again, but the body he was reborn into was strong, so strong that even his original godly form paled in comparison. Though his godly essence seemed to be gone for good, something else had taken its place. It was a powerful essence he had never felt before, but somehow seemed familiar. He found that his reborn self had been adopted by a woman named Malice Vellos, and a strange monk named Qiang. Though they were not a couple, the two of them became Ares parents, and each of them raised him in their own way. All of his memories were intact, and he could even feel a much stronger connection to the concept of war than ever before. It was almost as if he were a war elemental in a way. He didn’t just feed off of war, he was the very essence of war in all of its forms.

He later came to find out that the reason he survived the Black Gulgotha was because Hephaestus himself had felt his punishment had come to an end. He saved the last wisps of Ares’ soul, and gave it over to Eden and her guardians. He was then reborn one last time, and given part of Eden’s own essence in order to replace the godly essence he had lost. He was retrained in the arts of war by his mother Malice, who was Eden’s War Seed. She taught him things about war that he had never even begun to imagine back on Olympus. There were intricacies and aspects of war he never knew existed, let alone be manipulated. He was also trained in the ways of Cultivation by his father Qiang.

As he grew into his new body and power, Ares reached heights that he never thought possible, and he came to realize that Gods weren’t anything special. They were just beings with a certain amount of power at their disposal. Nothing more. Nothing less. Even now, so far beyond his old self, he held on to this truth, and his father never let him forget it. There was ALWAYS a higher heaven. Even Gods could be frogs at the bottom of a well. Ares took full advantage of his new chance, even going so far as to meet with his brother Hephaestus, who had become Eden’s Lord of the Forge, and reconciling. In the end, Ares became Eden’s War Saint, second only to his mother Malice on Eden’s war council. When he became ready, his uncle Aeon Vellos, the younger brother of Malice, and Eden’s Seed Of The Firmament, handed over the reigns of The Devil’s Shadow. The Devil’s Shadow was a large shadow organization that lay in the darkness of all of Eden’s worlds and realms.

It was the Devil’s Shadow that handled Eden’s war efforts all across the universe. Aeon was the second King of the Devil’s Shadow, with his father Gerik Vellos having been the first. Now Aeon was needed elsewhere, and he chose Ares as the third King of the Devil’s Shadow, giving him the reigns of the organization, knowing he had been raised and trained well. And so the young Ares found himself a new path to walk, one with limitless possibilities, and a true calling he could take as his own. Gods were but a small shadow of the past, and his future was too bright to let that shadow continue to exist.

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King Of The Devil's Shadow. War Saint Of Eden.

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