Gerik Sharkguard


“You’ve devoured my light, and now my darkness shall devour you all.”

These were the words, the decree of the Great Devouring Beast of the Deep, a being who had brought fear to the water world of Ocea. Ocea was a large, and vast world with a population numbering in the quadrillions with the resources to support such a system of life. Like many worlds, Ocea was mostly water, but this world was far more water than most. The lakes, seas and oceans dominated this world almost completely. There were land masses, but they were all small and scarce. Almost all of Ocea’s population consisted of aquatic life. Ocea was ruled over by a race of high elementals who were as gods to this world.

Each separate body of water had an elemental who ruled over it and the life that called those waters home. The largest body of water was called Ocea, from which the world got its name. Ocea was said to be the first primordial elemental and the creator of Ocea itself. Ocea was almost never seen, or heard, as they spread their awareness over the entire world and kept watch. Ocea was revered and worshipped as the divine entity of Ocea. However there was a legend of a creature who was Ocea’s equal. They called it the Great Devouring Beast Of The Deep. This creature, said to be as old as Ocea, and as powerful, was the beast that ruled the black abyssal depths of Ocea. The places where the light of the sun could never touch. Ocea was a vast world, and as such, it’s abyss was nearly endless.

Like Ocea, the Beast was almost never seen, and existed as mostly ancient rumors among the denisons of the upper oceans. Rarely the creatures of the abyss would travel to the upper waters, or creatures of the upper waters would brave the abyss, yet still only rumors of the beast persisted. That is until the day that a group of Selkies from the largest sea kingdom of the Ocea water body made their way further into the Abyss than most have ever been and found a treasure they could not resist. The treasure was an herb that only grew deep in the abyss. It was a plant that glowed with a bright azure light, and was the only source of light that the abyss had. However, the Selkies also found that the herb held great healing and bodily fortification properties. When consumed, the Selkies found that they’re physical attributes became so powerful, that the one who consumed them became effectively immortal. They came to name it the Great Ambrosia.

Greedy for more, the Selkie gathered their greatest magic practitioners, and even got the help of some elementals to help them go deeper into the abyss to find more of the great ambrosia herb. However they met resistance, as the creatures of the abyss held the great ambrosia herb in high reverence. They worshiped it, and it was a holy plant to them. At first the Selkies and the elementals they brought with them were on the losing side of the battle. The creatures of the abyss were powerful, both in magic, and physical capabilities. The Selkies thought this was because of the great ambrosia, though they were wrong. It was simply because the creatures of the abyss had to live where the pressure of Ocea was so intense that their bodies had evolved to be able to live within it easily. They’re magic, while powerful, only overwhelmed the Selkie’s because it was so foreign to them, calling on elements that did not exist in the upper waters of Ocea.

At first there were only skirmishes as the Selkie adapted and tried to move deeper into the abyss. Eventually the Selkie and their elementals happened upon a glowing valley of the herb while they were seeking a place to hide from the onslaught of their enemies. Elated, they used these herbs to make themselves more powerful, allowing them to turn the tide of battle. Eventually they made their way deeper into the valley and found the largest herb they’d ever seen. It was more like a vast underwater forest than a simple herb, though they understood that this was only a single plant. Afire with greed and lust, the Selkie and their elementals began to take apart the large herb, wanting to take as much as they could before returning to the upper waters. They were able to acquire a great deal of the herb from the valley, using magic to store it and began to flee from the abyss. They didn’t flee far before a great fear rocked them to their very cores. A horrible, primordial roar shook from deep within the abyss, one that scared even the creatures of the abyss away. The Selkie force fled as fast as they could, but soon they felt a pressure so great that no amount of magic would allow them to move.

Even the elementals had become completely frozen, their faces contorted in fear. From within the abyss came a great black shark, so large and ancient that it seemed to be some ancient leviathan god. The only thing the Selkie force could think was that this great beast was the Devouring beast of legend, the lord of the abyss. They were wrong. Though powerful and ancient, the great black shark wasn’t the abyssal lord, because the true abyssal lord was upon its back in the form of a high elemental. Here was the true Great Devouring Beast Of The Deep, the High Elemental Lord of the Abyss, and his name was Ocea. The Selkie force didn’t have any time to question what they were seeing. The high elemental before them was wearing a divine armor and was ready for war. The Selkie didn’t realize that they had effectively ended the world with their greed and ignorance. Ocea ordered his great black shark to slaughter the Selkie force, along with the elementals. It was no ordinary beast, clearly, and was able to rip through the immortal elementals as if they were nothing. A beast this big shouldn’t be as fast as the great black shark was, but they had no hope of keeping up with him before they were dead.

The days to come were harsh and filled with blood. Soon the true story of what had happened spread throughout the world of Ocea. The legends were only partially true. Ocea WAS the first elemental, and Ocea did indeed create this world. What the legends didn’t tell, however, was that Ocea had split into halves. One half became the high Elemental Ocea who oversaw the wellbeing of the upper waters. The other became the Great Devouring Beast Of The Deep in the legends, but was actually the male counterpart of Ocea herself who oversaw the wellbeing of the abyssal depths. The herb that the Selkie force had tried to take for themselves had been a gift from the Upper Ocea to her abyssal male half. It was the only light that could thrive in that deep abyss, and it served to remind the male Ocea of his other half, giving him great comfort. The herb was a great and sacred thing in the deep, one that everything below the upper waters worshiped. In their ignorance, however, the Selkie force tried to take it for themselves and awoke a hatred so deep within him that it drove him mad.

The herb was what reminded him of when he was whole, the only light he could interact with over the endless millenia. He lost control and waged wholesale war on the upper waters. Nearly the entire world of Ocea began to run dark with blood. It wasn’t until his lighter half was able to pull her consciousness back to her main body did the war end, but at a high cost. In order to stop her male counterpart, Ocea, who had been weakened by rushing to put herself back together in time, used almost every ounce of her primordial essence to bring him back to his senses. Greatly weakened, the female Ocea was reduced to but a spark of her former self. The male Ocea was horrified at what he had done, and took his better half’s spark into the deeps of the world. He found that he could not cultivate her essence there, it had been damaged too greatly, and without her essence, the balance of the world of Ocea was destroyed. The world would slowly weaken and break apart without the full essence of both Ocea’s holding it together.

The male Ocea came up with a plan, however, and immediately put it into play. He opened a gateway to another universe, and charged his first creation, and oldest friend, Gerik Sharkgard, the Great Black Shark with protecting the spark of his better half, and taking her to different worlds where she could take in their elemental energies and rebuild her essence. Only when she was returned to her former glory, and came back to Ocea would the world be truly safe again. Until then, the male Ocea would use all of his essence to hold the world together as best he could. Though this was a monumental task, Ocea trusted Gerik to see it through. Thanks to being born in the deepest depths of Ocea, Gerik had a tremendous constitution. His scales and skin were endlessly strong in order to be able to withstand the pressures at the core of such a large world. When he rose to the upper waters, or even to the surface itself, it was as the weight of the world was literally cast from his shoulders, allowing him to move and react at speeds no creature of his stature should ever be able to, so much so that it seemed to shatter the laws of nature.

Along with magics taught to him by his master, he would be more than capable of protecting Ocea’s spark until she was strong enough to regain her old form. As they traveled to different worlds, Ocea’s spark grew strong enough to give birth to the form of a cute female water sprite who clung to Gerik’s side, and viewed him as a guardian and big brother. Though often ferocious, Gerik was putty in Ocea’s small hands. He came to view her as his little sister. Eventually their travels saw them enter a realm known as Hellifyno, ironically enough, just as the world was being flooded by a dark force seeking revenge on Hellifyno’s land walkers. Well, this was going to be fun wasn’t it?

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