Kyle Hunt

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Kyle is a kind, emotional and highly empathic individual. Although not as open as he used to be, he hides most of his feelings inside while playing off a stoic mask in front of others. He never knew his parents and thus was an orphan from a young age. He was always tinkering and building small devices as soon as he learned how to put things together and take them apart. This has continued to this day where he still tinkers and repairs or makes things.


Who Am I...

Just someone trying to survive

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My Appearance

Kyle is a tall and handsome man with dark features. His attire usually is a black leather jacket, black or grey under shirt and dark or black jeans and some sneakers. When not in casual clothing he often wears a body suite that comes with an attachable helmet if he has to enter an area with no oxygen or hazardous gasses or substances.

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Clothing, currency, various tools for tinkering and repairing, mobile device, data pad.

Skimmer bike  [Can reach speeds of 220 mph and can ascend to a height of 15 meters off the ground.]

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Weapons [Includes Plasma Bolt Bow, Railgun Pistol (Similar in design to Kishimoto Crimson Weapons but not identical.) and Molecular cutting edge combat dagger.

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Visors  [Used for help in tinkering and repairing to measure power outputs, coolant leaks etc. For combat it acts as an additional range finder and can link to the Plasma Bolt Bow  to lock onto a target.]

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Armor [Durable light armor that does not impede Kyle’s movement or natural agility, can protect him from most small arms fire but will do little against heavy,energy and plasma weapons. Has emergency oxygen storage for when wearer is in a oxygen deprived environment. Can supply O2 for up to 3 hours if user is not breathing rapidly.]

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My Secrets Are...

They wouldn’t be secrets I just told everyone now would they?

I Believe...

If the gods are real, they don't really care whats happening