Ximena and Veros.








“He is not my pet, he is my friend. My family.”




The way Ximena and Veros found each other, their story, can be told to you. Perhaps. Will you gain their trust?

Who Am I...

A 19 year old girl, and a fire spirit.

My Appearance

â??[65+] Princess Mononoke - Android, iPhone, Desktop HD ...



The teen stands at a small height of 5′ exactly, her figure that of an hour-glass. Slender, petite. Her eyes are a bright amber, curtained by long and dark lashes. Hair is always a mess, impossible to tame curls of caramel-brown and honey. Her complexion smooth and flawless, whilst the tone is sun-kissed.


Veros  (DEAD)


The wolf stands at 8’5″, fur smooth and yet, ruffled. Ivory and silver in color. His eyes are a vivid crimson. Scars litter the spirit’s body here and there, a nick at the top of his right ear.