Low fat milk

Who Am I...

I am low fat milk a simple wizard that has found a thing of power though my life

Romantic Interests

Is unknown to him

My Story Is...

I was an apprentice to a powerful wizard that when finally die from age left me with things of power that I do not fully understand I have left the tower to find out what this thing does and to grow my power I must know.

My Appearance

I am a normal looking human with almost glowing robes and a necklace and a wand that has the power of low-fat milk and can do simple and basic spells too


low-fat milk wand, a robe of hard shell, and sphere that will do random things I can control the Item or thing that is made a little but I have not mastered the skill yet

My Secrets Are...

that my blood is milk and I have to have a cup a day your I die

I Believe...

that that we stay alive to live